When you are a student and start your first research paper, it is normal to feel confused. For your information, let me tell you this happens to a lot of other students also. Let’s face it, whether you agree with me or not, it is true that before you start writing the paper, you will be very confident, but when you begin writing your research paper, your mind will go blank- Nothing. This will not happen again so do one thing – Create Research Paper Outline

It happens a lot. Writing is an art, and it will be grueling for you if you don’t know this art. And writing comes from practicing and practicing and learning how to express your ideas creatively. 

When it comes to writing a research paper, you will feel a different level of stress. So, before you give up, you have to make a plan that will provide you with the guiding path for your writing a good research paper. 

Writing a research paper is like solving a problem. You have to go through tremendous work and sometimes you have to start again, then you will be ready. 

When you are writing a research paper, it will teach you a lot of valuable skills like- How to do research, Grading the resources, Developing Critical thinking, Management of resources and time, compiling ability, evaluating the other people works, which will help you in your future endeavor. The whole process will provide you an understanding of writing a good research paper. And you will develop a sense of artistry. 

Now you should start thinking about your research paper and pay attention to the purpose of your research paper and its scope. What will be the primary Concept of your research paper, and which type of argument will you include. As you will move further on the thinking lane. You should keep this in mind; the more wide-ranging your topic, the more significant the hindrance you will face in covering your research topic

Research Paper Outline

The research paper outline is the first step when you are starting to write a research paper. First, think about a topic, write a thesis statement, and begin writing the topic/statement and its subtopic or sub-statement. 

So there comes the importance of outlining. Research Paper Outline will provide you the border, where you will limit the scope of your thinking and topics scope. This will offer you the freedom to only focus on the important stuff, not the whole range of sources. 

When you have a rough research paper outline, look at it because this outline will determine the length and depth of your research paper. The research paper will be short if you have included only a few main statements and their supporting statement. However, if you have chosen a much bigger topic, subtopic, and supporting information, your research paper will be a long one and present your case in depth.

And not but least, you should Always value your instructor/professor’s guidance and suggestion and follow them. So, if you will encounter any problem in the process of writing, He will help you.

Now, let’s discuss the research paper outline

  1. Introduction
  2. Body
  3. Conclusion
Research Paper-Outline
Research Paper-Outline

Let’s discuss one by one;


The introduction of your research should contain a thesis/research paper statement, your research topic, and its primary purpose. You can write the reason, why you have chosen particular and the implication of your issue. When you select a topic,

Basically, your introduction will give the reader of the research paper an overview of what is inside it, and it will be presented for them as a preamble of the research paper.


The body of the research paper will contain all the primary statements and substatements, and all the statements will be written in the hierarchy. First the main statement and then it’s all related part. Then second statement and substatement and so on. 

 The body of your research paper will always be the part where you present your arguments, facts, and your suggestions. Always start with the significant statement and then move on to the more powerful statement, and at last, you should mention your most important statement. That’s how the reader will see the flow of your arguments. Basically, the body is the place where you present your thinking and present all the relevant information. This is the most significant and most prominent part of the research paper.


The conclusion is the part where you conclude your paper’s summary. And you will mention all the most important arguments, which you have got from the body of the research paper outline. This part will present a quick peek at your research paper. There you will recommend some of the critical solutions or your thoughts about the topic you have discussed. 

Sample of Research Paper Outline

Sample Outline
Sample Outline

A. Introduction

  1. Introductory Statement
  2. Thesis Statement
  3. Framework
  4. The methodology used for writing the paper
  5. Scope and limitations of the topic
  6. Importance of the topic

B. Body

  1. Overview and historical background of the topic
  2. All the details to present your topic

a) Important statement

 All the relevant information

b) More Important statement

All the relevant information

c) Most important statement

All the relevant information

C. Conclusion 

  1. Concluding statement
  2. Thesis restatement
  3. Your own recommendation

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