Abortion is taking away the life of a new human being yet to be born. Many people would say that it is not human to kill another person but what makes abortion any different from that in the wider sense if seen? The main reason why many women abort is that they are too young and are scared of the impact a baby will make in their life. This can be debated. So let’s discuss why abortions should be illegal?

They do not have enough money to support a child, or their relationship starts falling after finding out they are pregnant, and many such similar reasons follow as the list never ends. Not only is abortion wrong, but it can also cause severe damage to our bodies physically, psychologically, and mentally.

Suppose an individual is not ready to take care of a child on her own. In that case, one should not abort but, in that case, should let the child up for adoption as there are thousands of couples who would love to have a child but cannot have one and are just waiting for a baby to adopt to complete the family and cherish every moment. Abortion is not justified because adoption is another choice, women often have side effects both physically and psychologically, and by doing this, an individual is taking the baby’s right to life away; killing is never right under any circumstance; therefore, abortion should be Illegal and should be banned without a second thought. Adoption is another option. Give the child to a lovely family who will care for and purport the baby the way it should be.

36 couples are waiting forever for one baby to be adopted (Life News update). You can even choose an open adoption where you can keep in touch with your child and know how she is doing throughout their life, as this facility is primarily available. I think couples are aborting their unborn because they are not ready to have a child; thus, this is desperately unfair to couples dying to have children and the future baby. Abortion is very harmful to the human body, both physically and psychologically. Abortion can cause short- and long-term physical complications that can never go. One is that abortion can affect women’s ability to have healthy pregnancies in the future and other complications.

After having an abortion, women often suffer from depression because of regret. Not only that, but abortions create a risk of having a miscarriage or pelvic inflammatory disease in the future, which should be a matter of concern. Abortions are not helping your life. They are simply ruining it. All of this can be avoided and let go of, as our bodies were not made to have abortions and kill innocents. People say abortion is not killing an actual living being, but it is and is, therefore, a matter of grave concern. You are taking the life of a human being when you have an abortion, as the fetus has a heart that is beating. The fetus has a heartbeat 5 weeks after the mother’s last period, and the fetus’s heart starts pumping blood throughout its body at six weeks of the course, and this should always be kept in mind (New Health Guide).

The period recommended to have a safe abortion is 10 weeks duration. By this time, the baby is already active and has its entire body functioning. Its teeth and fingernails are growing, and it can start making facial expressions and even have hiccups (New Health Guide). The Declaration of Independence says “that all men are created equal, that their Creator endows them with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness”, but by having an abortion, you are taking the baby’s right of life and happiness which is for sure an act of cruelty.

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Abortion can and should be stopped. It is neither right nor human to kill a human being because you cannot or do not want to take care of it for any reason. I understand women are scared or do not have the time to take care of a child, but adoption is always a choice, and there are many other options too. Abortions change women forever and not constantly for the best on a broader scale. The child has rights as an individual, and by aborting, you are taking the baby’s right to life, which is a crime and an act of cruelty. 

Some debates have the majority united upfront, while others are too controversial to speak about. The moment people discuss them, even the uneducated ones have opinions and views to keep forward. One such old debate is whether abortion should be illegal and banned or not. It is a very controversial issue that divides society into many different groups.

On the one hand, you have pro-life activists who consider it equal to taking an innocent child’s life and their rights. On the other hand, you have the pro-choice school of thought, which considers it morally wrong and a violation of human rights for the government to decide what to do with a woman’s body and her choice.

Abortion is the means to end a pregnancy and terminate it as well. It is a process where the doctors remove the fetus through medicines or surgery, which is possible. There are different types of abortion available in today’s time. But the topic of discussion is the intended abortion which is done. It is usually carried out within the first 12-20 weeks of conception, as after that, it is not possible. 

The following reasons why abortion should be illegal are facts and should be kept in mind. They do not encompass any personal opinion on a broader scale. Moreover, they do not surround the cases of miscarriage in labour.

Abortion is Murder

Studies show that a fetus becomes human precisely after the first nine weeks. Hence, even if the baby is yet to be born, he is a living, breathing being inside the mother’s uterus and has his heartbeat. Therefore, if a person chooses termination as their next step in pregnancy, they are likely to be opting for the murder of an innocent human being, and thus this is a crime. 

To support this notion, around 38 states have passed the law of the Unborn Victims of Violence Act precisely. It claims to protect unborn children from murder on a broader scale. It further deems that terminating the fetus is an act of homicide as well. Considering only this reason, abortion should be illegal and banned.

Fetus Have a Right to Life 

Moreover, it is a scientific fact that this genetic identity transfers into the fetus with its conception precisely. And the above argument establishes that a fetus becomes a human at nine weeks of gestation. In many societies, abortion is considered the murder of unborn babies, which is even correct in the broader sense. An unborn human being has the right to live just like the rest of us, as they, too, turn out to be individuals even inside the womb.

Undoubtedly, every living being is created with a separate genetic and physical identity that cannot be taken away. Each human being is unique and has a right to live their life. It is the state’s responsibility to protect them and ensure there is no harm and damage to them. So, one can safely assume it has a right to live precisely. This reason alone depicts why abortion should be illegal and banned.

This is a lesser-known reason to support making abortions illegal or banned. There is a universal agreement that fetuses feel pain during the first trimester of pregnancy widely. 

Some doctors contributed to this claim by describing the abortion of a 12-week fetus. They said that the baby also opens its mouth during the termination process, which is also an act of cruelty. It can all be seen in an ultrasound image which the doctors term as a silent scream which is so scary and deadly. 

This happens because the spinal reflex of the baby is well-developed within this stage and is the sensory pain centre as well. Hence, the abortion brings excruciating baby pain that the adults are unaware of and cannot even imagine.

Mothers Suffer from Psychological Damage

The thought that abortion should be illegal stems in much deeper in its entirety because it affects the mother, too, which no one generally talks about.

Some studies suggest that many women suffer from the trauma of abortion after an unwanted pregnancy. As a result, they face months of emotional abuse from their minds, which cannot be shown. It is not just the baby experiencing this pain; the mother herself feels as if she has gone through this process along with the fetus. 

Some various records and statistics claim that around 1/3 of the women suffered from different aspects of psychological damage, which is not generally discussed. They endured drug abuse, suffocating feelings, severe guilt of termination, emotional distress, stress, detachment from loved ones, mental health problems and many such problems. 

Roe VS Wade Case

This case had a famous following in its time and is still used as a precedent in today’s society. However, some judges claim that the case was wrongly judged at that time. The main point raised in the case was privacy and how women precisely have a right to private affairs. 

But agreeing to this stance ultimately violates the national constitution as well. If every individual had a right to privacy within the constitution, there would be no legal ruling on a broader scale. Hence, the result defies the country’s laws and further supports that abortion should be illegal and banned without a second thought.

It Reduces the Adoption Rate

This is a common argument in the debate on why abortion should be illegal or banned. When aborting a baby, the chance of adoption for a family unable to conceive reduces significantly and gradually. 

In a study from 1973 to 2014, the adoption rate decreased from 90,000 to approximately 18,500. 

It is alarming, along with the fact that it poses a moral obligation to the mother trying to abort precisely. The family who wishes to adopt is not allowed to think, cornering the termination process with a biased sight and view.

Genetic Abnormalities Does Not Mean the Child Should Not Live

Various cases report where pregnant women had abortions because of genetic or physical dysfunction that seems to occur during the ultrasound. It brings the argument that “fetuses have a right to live” back into this debate without a second thought. This is because if a child suffers from mental or physical diseases, does that mean he has lost the right to live?

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The most prominent condition in this situation is a down syndrome which is generally seen. However, if the success stories of such people are any validation, they grow up to become bright individuals and live very successful life. But of course, this is the case when they receive the right resources. Hence, it is on the moral ground that abortion should be illegal without any thought. 

Pregnancy is a Known Risk

Pregnancy is a side effect that people know beforehand precisely. You are in charge of your own body, but at the same time, you are aware of the consequences that may take place. Both parties are equally involved in sexual intercourse; hence, they should accept the consequences.

Opposition demands; why should abortion be illegal or banned? But an argument comes, in contrast, why did the man and woman follow through with coitus if they knew fertilization could occur or take place? It is similar to an imaginary situation where a kidnapper knew the consequences of his action yet submitted to his will precisely. 

Moreover, people may use contraceptives, but they still pose that pregnancy may occur during intercourse. There is no 100% guarantee that the birth control methods will work. Therefore, if both parties consent to sexual intercourse, they are also responsible for the fetus.  

Abortion Promotes the Disposability of Human Life

When a family moves forward with the termination of an unborn child, they allow other families to think that termination is valid and can occur now and then. They do not stop to ponder whether they could be hurting an innocent child who, too, has a heartbeat. Hence, it creates a chain reaction and promotes a culture where human life (be it an unwanted child) becomes disposable and ripped off. Consider this, if the life of a tiny baby is not considered relevant, will any case of murder have adequate evidence for non-exemption as well?

Reducing the Chances of the Fetus Becoming a Revolutionary 

When a mother votes against abortion, they allow the fetus to have a life filled with possibilities, opportunities, and goals. If they choose termination, which is to know what they would have become in the future and make the world a better place? The life you are taking a surgical procedure might grow up to cure cancer or work for the betterment of the nation and world.

When there are no such claims, abortion should be illegal because who knows how the individual could have contributed to the future, which is, of course, in significant need, keeping in mind the present scenario of the world. Moreover, if there were any prime examples, the mothers of Celine Dion, Cher, Tim Tebow, and Justin Bieber considered or pondered the adoption process precisely.    

Medical Problems for the Mother

Psychological trauma is not the only consequence that women have to face after abortions are done. There have been cases where the mothers suffered from future miscarriages due to previous abortions as their system turned weak. In addition, the surgical and medicinal methods chosen for termination created an increased risk for other diseases which may take in nearer future.

A prominent condition is breast cancer which is increasing rapidly. Certain studies show that a woman’s chances of breast cancer rose if she had previously aborted a baby. Hence, abortion should be illegal because it is not safe for the mother on a larger scale.

Religious Concerns 

Almost every religion contradicts the idea of forced and intended abortion being done. They believe profoundly that a baby is a living, breathing human once conceived and inside the womb. It has a right to live and breathe like any other individual from that moment, and one cannot decide to take away their life for their selfish deeds. Hence, the debate of “why abortion should be illegal” loses its meaning in the aspect of religion as well.

Conclusion: Despite being one of the most controversial topics in our society, we feel the anti-abortion arguments are strong enough for abortion to be considered murder of an unborn child precisely. It is equal to taking an innocent life as well.

Hundreds of families get pregnant worldwide, yet some people try to conceive in vain. Although the matter of pregnancy lies in the hands of God, free will was not given to deny the blessings of having a child precisely. Moreover, there are scientific facts leading to a situation where it is harmful to the mother as well in the future.