Writing a good essay has always been something that every writer yearns for. The most important part of writing a good essay is to choose a topic that can impact the reader and the writer. Often the writer gets perplexed about what to have as a topic in their paper. Choosing a perfect subject for essay writing can save a lot of time. Here we will try to understand many issues and read some persuasive essay topics.

What are Persuasive Essay topics?

Persuasive essay topics aim to persuade the readers to believe in a proposal, and sometimes it also persuades its readers to act accordingly. A persuasive essay uses certain logic and arguments to convince the readers. The ideas used need to be adequately prove based on authentic evidence. The evidence may include facts, examples, and exact quotes by the researchers on the topic. You need to understand the audience and research well to grab the audience’s attention and persuade them. Choose the most satisfying evidence to make your writing look better.

There are three parts of a persuasive essay:

  • Issue
  • Side
  • Argument 

Top Persuasive Essay Topics.

1. Homework should be prohibited.

2. Hard work can make you feel better.

3. Can recycling be more impactful than donating?

4. Collecting toys is the most tedious job.

5. Oral presentations are better than assignments.

6. Kindness is above everything.

7. Honesty is important to pay back everything bad.

8. It should all be up to the youngsters to join the Army.

9. Criminals are afraid of the death penalty.

10. To maintain a financial balance, let the rich pay more tax.

11. Embarrassing situations make you more confident.

12. Internet access should be free of cost to everyone.

13. Couples expecting a child should get parenting lessons.

14. Grades should not be used.

15. Electroshock weapons are best for protection.

16. Dogs are better than cats.

17. Bullying should be banned.

18. The Internet has made lives better.

19. Everyone should know how to speak fluent English.

20. Some harsh drugs should be universally legal.

21. Beating pets should be a punishable offence.

22. a person can avoid smoking by making tobacco illegal.

23. Is there any need for having special quotas for minorities?

24. Which are better, e-books or paper books?

25. Which is better: e-currency or paper currency?

26. Cameras in public places are a threat to privacy.

27. Animal testing should be banned or replaced by human testing.

28. Few poor people take advantage of rich people, so helping them should be limited.

29. Should a person ask for divorce if their partner is in a coma?

30. Killing a murderer is a sin.

31. Taking pains on yourself is moral if it saves someone’s life.

32. Importance of having less homework.

33. Should every subject taught in schools be optional?

34. Is it wise for parents to read the personal diaries of their kids?

35. Should be eating non-veg be a punishable offence?

36. Working hours should favour the health of the workers.

37. Mental health therapy should be free of cost.

38. Can sport boost health?

39. Are gender stereotypes good or bad?

40. Children mature at an early age is good for their mental development.

41. How can any mental disorder be an obstacle to a normal life?

42. How to prevent cyberbullying?

43. The exercise of veto power is not good.

44. the government should cancel citizenship by birth.

45. Like India, every country should have single citizenship.

46. India should have more than one citizenship.

47. The expelling of native Americans was not justified.

48. Your grades can not decide your future.

49. Social media helps in conveniently expressing feelings.

50. Should abortion be banned?

51. The disadvantages of laptops are more than the advantages.

52. Training is more important than teaching.

53. Should children choose discipline on their own?

54. Drug testing should be prohibited in public or workplaces.

55. There should be a separate subject compulsory in schools that teaches the nation’s service.

56. Life without computers was better.

57. The Internet needs censorship.

58. the government should ban pure leather and fur.

59. It is better to have an exciting life.

60. Should be recorded lectures be banned in colleges?

61. School durations should be kept low.

62. The position royal families have should be cancelled for equality.

63. Reading books can be boring.

64. Celebrities should not indulge in politics.

65. Online books are killing the sense of cultural knowledge.

66. Sad songs are not good for a child’s mental health and personality.

67. Schools should have a financial education.

68. the government should ban fast foods from cafeterias.

69. Sports can help reduce stress levels.

70. Children should not be allowed to play video games.

71. Should we keep faith in the measures taken up by Facebook to safeguard our privacy?

72. Can solar energy substitute all other energies available?

73. Nuclear power is a threat to the world.

74. Online studies are a waste of time apart from being harmful to the child.

75. Limited outdoor activities should be allowed for the children during COVID.

76. Diet charts are useless to prepare.

77. Public transport emits pollution equal to the pollution from personal transport.

78. the government should ban illegal migrants.

79. the government should deny illegal immigrant children citizenship.

80. Teachers should also have a particular uniform code.

81. Genetically modified food should be banned.

82. Should terrorists be sent to detention and rehabilitation centres instead of killed?  

83. To train a pet, rewarding or punishing, what is best?

84. Poaching affects the economy.

85. Extreme activities are bad for health.

86. Talents from birth are more important than the talents adopted as an experience.

87. Open borders are concerning.

88. Technology can make you a loner.

89. Social media is the best way to accelerate your business.

90. Life would be better without social media.

91. Schools should have more breaks.

92. Cigarettes should be banned.

93. Education begins at home.

94. Can free education lead a country to progress more?

95. Children should not be allowed to play violent video games.

96. Capital punishment is not good.

97. Higher education should be made free of cost.

98. the government should pay lawyers more.

99. Can rivalry lead you to success?

100. Can terrorism be controlled if weapons have been banned?

101. Taking up your hobby as your career can make you successful early.

102. Children should never be made to work on the condition of what they want.

103. Games are the best way to learn things.

104. Every student should know at least one foreign language.

105. Should cities provide free Wi-Fi?

106. Is it okay to separate children from abusive parents?

107. Why should parents allow their children to have pets?

108. Should palm oil be banned?

109. Should friends be allowed to sit together in class?

110. What is the best way to train pets?

111. Why graduation should be necessary for any job opportunity. 

112. Should booster seats be made illegal?

113. Why should students not be allowed to drop out before they turn 18?

114. The use of hands-free devices while driving should be illegal.

115. In today’s world, the Internet is replacing teachers. Is it true?

So, these top persuasive essay topics can help you prepare better writing without leaving you worried about choosing the case or the next assignment.