Technology is now an integral element of economics and the lives of people everywhere. Everywhere you see, people are dependent on technology. Old tech gets replaced with new tech.

There is no way that people, communities, or nations, especially those with developed economies, live their lives without specific high-performance technology. The increased adaption has impacted society in various ways, many of which are beneficial, and some are harmful to societies that have benefited from the advancements in technology.

To protect communities and individuals against any misuse that may harm the environment, it is essential for all societies, particularly the leaders, to think about controlling technology.

Sometimes now, people are becoming tech-driven, and they lose the sense of reality. The best method is to ensure that the latest technological advances can advance the cause and not harm users. Suppose you want its contribution to the discussion.

In that case, this piece of writing will concentrate on the benefits of technology and some negatives that industrial organizations, Government, World leaders, and Tech Giants(Google, Amazon, Facebook, Tesla, Microsoft) should consider addressing. A second section of the essay will highlight several important issues.

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The rapid advancement of technology in communication has enabled many people worldwide to communicate with others around the world. Technology for communication has opened the areas previously closed off from the majority of the world.

The introduction of technology like the internet is the one that has enabled communication to improve drastically. This is due to the simplicity of using technology and the minimal cost that users have to bear.

Technology is also helping in removing the suffering of millions of people. For example, outsourcing industries in Asia, particularly India, have created millions of opportunities for those who otherwise would be in poverty or in jobs that pay less.

Due to the internet, businesses from the west have focused on their strengths while outsourcing other aspects to companies in different countries. The internet and the advancements in technology allow individuals from all over the world to trade with each other, which benefits everyone equally.

For example, eBay, Amazon, and Alibaba have developed websites that allow consumers to purchase goods from nearly all developed countries. For instance, a college student within the United States can buy textbooks at a lower cost from sellers in countries like Hong Kong, India, Vietnam, South Korea.

This is a possibility that was unheard of by individuals just 10 years earlier. Other sites such as Paypal allow users to create virtual accounts utilized in numerous trading markets worldwide.

With this account, people are no longer worried about using debit and credit cards online to shop since technology has created the means to do so.

Technological advances have made it possible to treat illnesses that were once thought to be incurable. Furthermore, the constantly improving medical technology research leads to a point where diseases that are currently considered incurable will be taken care of.

Stem cell research could allow, for example, to enable the treatment of illnesses like Parkinson’s disease, which is not currently under control.

Now the advancement of Artificial Intelligence, Cloud Computing, and fast-paced automation bring a sudden change in the lives of society. People now want more assistance with their work by technology.

The new technology brings rapid growth to the education sector. Because of the Covid, Now all the face-to-face classes changed into the virtual classroom. All the teaching work is done in the virtual classroom.

A small smartphone can help to access the library, assignments, Homework, Classwork, and assessment. Because of technology, our children are now more aware of their surroundings.


The internet’s use for trading has led to massive databases that can save personal information. The storage of private information for thousands of traders online has led to an increase in identity theft, that is, the stealing of the intimate details of others for the sole purpose of gaining access to financial accounts or back credits.

Identity theft has been increasing in recent years. The internet has turned into an essential tool for trading. Although there are benefits to using the internet for purchasing and accessing private and financial information, consumers are exposed to identity theft-related crimes.

The wealth of information that is available on the internet is employed to help with charitable causes. In reality, people have been getting a wealth of new concepts from the internet, fast becoming the essential source of information to meet social and individual demands.

But, there is also information that could be utilized to harm society. For instance, it’s possible to obtain information on creating explosives that could cause grave danger to humankind.

Furthermore, all the components required for the process are available on the internet without raising concerns from the sellers or authorities.


Due to the harm done to society by those with bad intentions, the organization should take prevention measures. This could be accomplished through legislation or trade groups.

The government must be the first to start creating appropriate usage policies adopted by the relevant community members. Concerning trade associations, every business that relies on technology easily employed in hazardous activities must develop regulations to ensure proper use and restricted access.

Furthermore, the members of the community are expected to assist with the implementation of these guidelines. The cooperation of these three stakeholders will be a massive step towards ensuring that technology is appropriately used to benefit everyone.