When you are in college, and you have only one question in your mind all the time- “When I will submit my perfect essay asked by a college professor.”
This happens to everyone. Now you decided to take things into your hand means completing your ‘perfect essay’ before the due date. When you are writing a perfect essay, Even when you know about the topic, then also it’s tough to start the essay and finish it on time. Learn steps to write a perfect essay.
You have to keep a lot of things in your mind.

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So if you are thinking about writing an essay, follow these steps:

Understand your question

If you’re planning to write a perfect essay, the first step is to understand the topic or question first. Divide the question into parts and look for clues. So can understand the essay question better.
When you understand your essay subject entirely, it will be easy for you to write about it. Most importantly, if you cannot clearly understand the question, you will not write an essay perfectly.

Here are some tips to understand the essay clearly

  • ● Break down the essay question into different parts
  • ● Mark the important points/words in the question
  • ● Make a mind map for essay question
  • ● Write down all the possible directions of the essay question
  • Now, choose a specific focus for your essay

Brainstorm the idea

After understanding the question entirely, now it’s time to brainstorm the central idea of the essay. Think about how you will proceed with the main idea of the essay.
Start your research about the essay idea and then gather all the information about the subject of your essay. Utilize your local library or the online library of your college for your essay research.
Many web tools can be used to save the information you gather from your research. When you collect all the information, then sort out the research material in a hierarchical manner.

Make A Outline

Now you have all the related information you need, and you can start writing your perfect essay. So the first step is to outline the essay.
What is an outline?
It is like balancing the foundation of a building. On which you build your whole building. Your essay outline will also do the same thing. Your outline will fix the direction for the essay.
Writing the outline will give you a structure to work on, and it will make sure that you will not distract from the essay’s central question.

Write a compelling thesis statement.

When you have an outline set, then you should start your essay with a thesis statement. The thesis statement will set the tone of your essay. Your thesis statement should be as it is answering the question of the essay. It would be best if you tried to answer your essay question.

The thesis statement will answer the question of the essay. A good thesis statement will set the direction of the essay. It will provide a glimpse of the whole essay and tell the reader what you expect from the essay.
Suppose you have any claim or argument to make, then it’s the best place to make it. And after that, you can provide all the evidence in the essay for your arguments afterward.

Fix the aim for each paragraph

When you have a compelling thesis statement and you have answered the question of the essay question. Then present your argument in a sequence. Present all the evidence for your argument or claim made by you one by one.
It would be a great choice if you wrote your essay in paragraph form. And each paragraph will answer a specific question.

Make sure the answer should not overlap. Sometimes you answer one particular question in many places. And it creates massive confusion in the mind of the essay reader. So each paragraph will contain only one argument or specific question’s answer.

Do not overlap the subject.

When you are writing a professional essay, it sometimes happens that you write an answer in places. You have to avoid it. Make sure you check it thoroughly before submitting it.
Here are some ways to avoid its multiplicity
● Check your outline first and see if there is any assortment
● Decide in advance what you will write in each paragraph
● Set the tone for each paragraph
● Focus only on one argument

Understand the specialty of the subject

Each essay has a specialty and its mood. Decide what will be a specialty of your writing. How will you present your essay? How it will show your argument in front of the reader? Provide all the necessary references there, So the reader has the impression that your opinions are based on research. You are not just making things up.
Suppose you are writing about the “progressive movement of women empowerment.” It would be best to decide which countries example you will take and which movement will be included to support your argument.
Every writer has their specialty and how you will write your professional essay. It will be your specialty.


When you are writing your perfect essay, then remember that the first draft will be pure useless. Even when you follow all the steps we talked about. Follow all these steps and keep this in your mind. After writing, start reading it and start editing ruthlessly.
Then make sure your essay should have all the arguments you want to include. Check the grammatical mistake you have made and then ask someone else opinion about your essay. If something is missing, then rewrite your essay’s particular part. Include all the features of your arguments.
When you finish your article, reread it and see if you are satisfied with your perfect essay. You are ready to submit it.