The term self-evaluation means knowing the worth and value of one’s self always. It is the process of analyzing, understanding, and improving one’s self without any doubt. Self-evaluation is a simple two-word term but has a huge meaning hidden inside it and is also hard to understand. Every individual needs to know its self worth as it helps the person to work accordingly and keep on improving from time to time always. Self-evaluation means exploring and understanding the individual self without any second doubt or thought. Self-evaluation takes place individually as well as in an organization in a professional way also. Self-evaluation is a very important step and plays a vital role in framing an individual’s entire nature and lifestyle.

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There arise certain advantages and certain disadvantages of self evaluation which are as follows mentioned:-


  1. Self evaluation is the first and fore most important step in any evaluation proceedings or step.
  2. It helps an individual to write descriptive account and evaluating various aspects of the performance and even provides with information useful for planning and improvement also.
  3. It helps and provides with the opportunity to think and act accordingly.
  4. Let’s individual to think and reflect accordingly.
  5. It allows the individual to predict their targets and plan accordingly.
  6. It helps to consider past performance to set future goals and consider and plan accordingly for the future.


  1. Promotes weakness as well.
  2. Interdependency to individual.

Self evaluation may also be known or termed as knowing the self worth of one’s self. It is a process of looking on to one self in order to access aspects that are of more important and to be considered top priority. In its simplest and basic form it may be said or described as an important tool in framing of an individual always.

Self-evaluation plays a vital role in the overall development of an individual person and the outlook as well. It believes on the important case of judging oneself by its own before being judged by the world at large. Self evaluation is very important and it is used for a variety of purposes and helps an individual or an entity to reflect on its performance to gauge the strengths and advantages and work on the weaknesses and drawbacks at the same time. In the course of our lives and living journey we are evaluated by a lot of people from time to time from teachers to employers and any random person on streets and so on and sometimes we may feel that we did not get a fair share or the judgment was biased in nature or anything similar to it.

But, when one evaluates oneself, there is no scope for any biasness and there may be some new aspects of our personality that we may be acquainted with and that may work in a better way always. It is important therefore, that we encourage the concept of self-evaluation in institutions and work places as well so that every individual gets a real chance to examine the individual personality and learn more about the importance of self-evaluation at all times.

In order to progress, an institution needs to carry out periodic evaluations from time to time. It gives an institution an idea about how much more its constituents have grasped and gained and what more needs to be done in order to achieve the best possible results in the best way possible. In the absence of an evaluation system, an organization may not be able to know its true state and may even lack in important things. For example, in the context of a school, evaluations may be carried out by teachers on a regular basis to know how much the students have been able to learn and then they can do it through a series of verbal and written tests, the scores being the parameter to judge a student’s capability and thus will let the improvement procedure be smooth and easy.

Self-evaluation on the other hand, allows students for a realistic chance of looking at their own self, without any claims of prejudice or biasness done. It may provide them with some new information about themselves that will turn out to be a plus point and acquaint them with some facts that they were unaware of earlier and help them to grow respectively. Self-evaluation also helps in changing the role of students from a passive observer to an active participant and performer precisely.

Organizations and institutions have been practicing self-evaluation for a long time now and most notably at the time of employee appraisals as well. However, employee self-evaluation has met with limited success as the managers have the final say on deciding the performance of an employee at the end of every tenure or time period.

This step or procedure has led many employees to believe that employee self-evaluation is a chore or process which does not have any impact whatsoever on their careers and progress is being. It is very important therefore, that organizations in still a sense of confidence and trust and liableness in the employees that self-evaluation is vital and important and their feedback is taken seriously and with utmost care and concern. It is understood that in the absence of a self-evaluation system, many employees may feel that they do not have an appropriate platform to judge themselves and this further lacks in confidence as well.

Organizations which have an effective self-evaluation system in place have low employee turnover ratio which helps them to grow also. When employees are given an opportunity to evaluate themselves, they become more accountable for themselves and take responsibility for their actions and work behaviour and performances also. This was some information on the importance of self-evaluation and why it is a must to have always. As mentioned before, self-evaluation gives an individual an opportunity to reflect upon himself and act accordingly. This is probably the reason that celebrities, sportsmen, politicians look at their own video clippings to analyze how they can improve themselves.

A self-evaluation means considering questions such as:

  1. Where have you excelled yourself?
  2. What achievements and accomplishments are you most proud of?
  3. Where do you feel you need more support and improvement?
  4. What goals do you wish you could have accomplished earlier?
  5. What would help you to accomplish these goals in an appropriate way?
  6. What do you most like about your job or profession?
  7. What do you most dislike about your job?
  8. What improvements could be made to make your role easier and convenient?
  9. What components of your job would you like to eliminate and why with proper reasoning?
  10. What career goals do you hope to accomplish in the next three years or five years?

Thus in the end all the entire essay summed up could be stated that self evaluation is very much important as much as breathing is important for a human being to survive.

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