When I was a little kid, I assumed that my Dad was my hero. Today he is my hero and always will be. My Dad has many qualities, and I know everybody will say the same thing about their Dads.

However, I feel that every child has different thinking when it comes to describing their Dads. My Dad is an inspiration for us. My younger brother and I were always fascinated with our Dad’s Childhood.

He told us all about his childhood, how he was a child, and how he was a naughty child. He told us that sometimes he made Grandma angry. I am always ready to listen to my Dad’s childhood story. 

As a kid, I always had many heroes, but my Dad is the best hero in the world. From celebrating my birthday to taking us on vacation. He loves us more than he loves anything in the world.

I have always seen him calm and never get irritated because of anything I do. When I was in school, he always came to our PTM and never made me wait for him. 

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I think about this, What it’s like not to have a father like him? He is always there for me, no matter what time it is. He wakes up at 5 am to take me Gym. And He stays there and waits for me to come out.

He takes me shopping and ice cream. I remember it clearly when he took me to meet my Grandma When she was in the hospital. My Dad always protects me, my brother, and Our Mom. And My Mom always trusted my Dad and supported him unconditionally. 

My Dad is the most remarkable person I know. Once at a friend’s Christmas party, There was no Santa. All the people said no to playing as Santa, but my Dad decided to do.

He wore the Santa suit and became a Santa because he could not bear the feeling that the children would celebrate their Christmas party without Santa. And he loves me so much also; he never disappointed me.

And from the year I never asked him for any gift. He always is there for me. He knows what I want to eat or need anything. My Mom says Dad loves me more than her. 

Even though Now I have grown up, then also sometimes need my Dad’s advice. For that, I always go to my Dad. He has a lot of experience. So he always tells me, What is right or wrong.

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He always explains to me, How things work and try to make things easy for me. Dad’s will always tell me the bad experience in his life and tell me what I have to do or not. 

He is a prominent lawyer and always makes a good argument on every point. And He always fights for needy people, So I decided to pursue law as a career, But he heard about my decision.

He asked me about the reason behind it. And He wanted to make sure that I was not making this career decision with any emotional compromises. But I have told him about my decision, and he agreed with me. 

My Dad is the most honest person I know. He always talks about honesty and hard work. Dad’s also encourages me to follow my passion and do the hard work. He believes if we do part of the work, then another person will also do the same.

My Mom always supports my Dad. She trusts him so much, and Mom’s friends sys that my Mom has blind faith in my Dad.

In my opinion, being a father require a special kind of job, which makes a man strong, honest, funny, caring, humble, considerate, and protective towards his little princess. My Dad is the same.

He is not so perfect but always tries to make me happy, Care about my needs, always remember my birthday, and most minor event in my life is a big thing for him. he is there for me no matter what he is doing or does not matter how much going to cast him.

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