Public speaking is a skill and skill that can be learned with proper guidance and regular practice. When you start learning a new language, you make many mistakes. And if you think about those mistakes, you will never be able to understand the language. You have to make small advancements daily. 

In the same way, when you want to speak publicly, you have to know how to talk to a large group. The first instance is a very challenging job, and you have to learn the skill of public speaking. Overcome your fear to speak in front of a large group. 

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As with other skills, public speaking can be learned if you follow the basics and practice it only for 10 minutes daily. Everyone wants to be a great public speaker. But very few people follow the basics of public speaking. You want to learn how great leaders speak. Here are some tips to face the fear of public speaking. 

Public speaking is a skill.

Growing up, you were unaware of your environment and surroundings. But as you get your cognitive understanding, you begin to learn new things. 

Same thing you have to do it now also. 

Public speaking is a learnable skill, and you can learn it as you have learned how to ride a bike. You start practicing on the road. Sometimes you fall or hit someone with your motorcycle or your friend’s bike. But after some time, you begin to ride it, and at last, you start riding your bike without any fear. Now you know the importance of practice.  

Same as you have to practice regularly to be a better public speaker. Small changes in your speaking will impact your style when you practice daily and use those small skills in real-time situations. Slowly you will begin to be a great speaker. 


Focus on only basics

When you decide to face the fear of public speaking, you will feel very weak and unconfident about speaking in front of people. You will have a lot of doubts about your knowledge, ideas, and command of your subjects. It will be frustrating not to be able to speak to other people about your thoughts and convey your messages. 

So at that time, you have to remember the basics of public speaking. Basics mean rules which are very important for public speaking. So you have to remember these rules

  • Speak with confidence
  • Learn your subject properly
  • Bring a bottle of water
  • Use some props
  • Use your mirror for practice
  • Practice makes you great.

You learned how to speak french and when you were learning french. You were very good at it. But after some time you are not that great anymore. You forgot many familiar words and phrases. Why is that so? Why do you ignore those common french words?

Because you did not practice daily, you cannot speak properly now. The same goes for public speaking, and you have to practice regularly as much as you get the chance. Try to use a mirror or use a camera and record yourself.  

And after recording your video, Watch it again and figure out what mistakes you have made. Try to listen correctly and go back again to re-record the videos. And check it out again. 

Another way you can become an excellent public speaker is to speak before your family or close friends. Ask them to rate your speaking style. Who can point out some of your mistakes? Ask for their feedback on your speaking skills. And make changes daily in your speaking manner.

Think like a teacher

You have noticed one thing in your education life: all the teachers were very confident. They were like born leaders who could speak on any topic without delay. You can see that they have never hesitated for anything, and they talk infront of the whole class or the whole school. 

How can they do that? Straightforward answer- They have the right mindset. They think as they know everything about the subjects and all the students came there to listen to him, which is why they are better speakers.

The same mindset you also have to acquire. Think like a teacher. Have this mindset that all your audience is there for you. They have come to listen to your ideas, and they will sit there for you. Then you will be able to speak confidently. Think like a teacher so you can present your ideas confidently. 

Use stories

You were told numerous stories about different things when you were a kid. And till today, you remember those stories. Why so?

Because stories have a long-lasting impact on your mind, they have plots and characters. When you were listing stories, you were more focused on the story plot and characters of the stories. You were unaware of the speaker and how he speaks. 

The same thing goes for public speaking. Use stories in your presentation. Try to be dramatic about the events of the stories. Use some real-life incidents, so your audience can relate to your talk, and you will be more confident about your account because you have experienced it on your own. 

Always take criticism positively.

When you learn how to speak in front of people without any fear, you will often make mistakes. You will see that some of those mistakes are very silly. Sometimes, your pronunciation will be wrong, and you have said something factually incorrect. 

And more on that people will come to you. And tell your mistakes to your face. Maybe they will say mean things to you. Perhaps you will embarrass yourself in front of a large group for your error, or it can be worse – You will be viral on the internet. These things can happen to you. 

But remember this- “Good things take time”. You have to take all the criticism positively. Take every criticism as a lesson, correct them, and learn from them.  

Talk to people

When you give a speech or take any session in front of large gatherings, always try to research the topic properly and make a short note for yourself. Don’t just skim the matter related to your case. But try to understand it and make sure you have a clear understanding of what you will talk about. 

When you think you are ready to go and give a talk, then talk to some of your close friends and family members and try to present your speech and ask their opinion about your address. Ask their advice and try to think and then change your talk according to that. 

Read books 

When you are learning to be a better public speake and overcoming with fear of public speaking, you have to read many books. Not on the public speaking but leadership, Psychology, management, personality and anything related to your expertise. It would be best to read books on other subjects like history, literature, biographies etc. These books will help you to understand that you are not alone and get the motivation to not give up on your public speaking journey. 

Reading books will calm your mind, and it will give you a soothing experience so you can remember what you are going to say infront of people. 

Create your progress chart

Make a progress chart when you are at the beginning of the journey to becoming an excellent public speaker. Update that chart as soon as you touch a milestone in your journey. The graph will present you with a real-time feedback system, and you will get to know everything about your progress. 

This progress chart will send you in a motivation loop, and you will see that updating your chart will make you understand that you have come a long way. And this will make your learning fast. 

Take a risk

Now you are learning a new skill, and you understand that this will impact your personality, so you are always ready to take risks whenever you get the time and chance to use it and try your newly acquired skill in front of other people. Do not hesitate to go on the podium and speak your mind. 

Public speaking is a skill and art that can be refined and learned in real-time situations. So if in a meeting you have been tasked to deliver the presentation, then grab the chance and start speaking your mind. 

As the saying goes – “Who take risks, God is always with them”. So without overthinking about what will happen, go and talk to people. Once you get habitual of this practice, it will be inside you, and then from the next time and then next time, you will not have any fear. So take the risk. 


Last Wisdom talk

People think that public speaking is very hard, and it is. But as any skill can be learned, it is also. So if you want to learn public speaking, start practising in front of people. Once you understand that it is just pseudo fear, it will go away once you get the taste of public praise and see that people will love to hear your talk. 

So do one thing. Start facing your fear of public speaking and start talking.