What Is an Essay ?

An essay is a piece of short-form, nonfiction writing that focuses on a specific topic. Writers typically use the essay format to argue a thesis or provide their viewpoint on a particular subject. Essays come in many different forms—from persuasive essays, which make an argument, to narrative essays, which tell a story. Essays can be any length, ranging from one paragraph to many pages, formal or informal. And each essay has different structure. And Essay structure decide the quality of essay.

Every student finds himself in this situation much time in his studies period. All have the same question- How to write a perfect essay? Which marks a long-lasting and good impression on their teacher/professor. But all have the same problem with how they start their ‘perfect’ piece. How should they end it? How do they research it?

People have written tons of methods to write a perfect essay. And in my opinion, all have the same goal. To make students give the ideal plan to write a good essay. So in this chain, I have found some of the primary and essential rules, which will provide you with a step-by-step guide to writing a ‘perfect’ essay. 

If any student follows these simple methods and goes through all the steps carefully, they will develop a good essay and stand in a different league. Unknowingly we all follow these steps, but not in the correct method. So I have presented you with this article, which will give you an edge when you will write your following essay. 

As I mentioned earlier that these steps. It will smooth the process and make it less painful for you. 

Let’s start with the process. How to design essay structure?

Understand Your Topic

First of all, understand your topic/question precisely. This step will help you write a ‘perfect essay’ without any problem. Your research will be streamlined. You will know your subject correctly. If you do not understand the topic properly, you may not answer the question correctly, or you will fail to explain your subject thoroughly. 

You know how much you have to write to answer the question correctly when you know your topic. This step will save you a lot of precious time in correcting the essay. So before you start any topic, understand the topic or question. Then you will be able to answer appropriately.   

Do the Brainstorming

When you move from step one and understand the topic properly, take a notepad and write down all the different dimensions of the topic. Branch out all the possible ideas or arguments of the topic. Make a mind map, and then put all the possible scenes of your essay. This is the step where you will put all your understanding on the paper about the topic. You can decide the future of the ‘perfect essay’ here. And that will help you to design a perfect essay structure. How your essay will look like and what kind of arguments it will present to the readers.

Introducing Writing Help For You
Introducing Writing Help For You

Do Extensive Research and Take Notes.

Now the time is for doing extensive research on your topic. Find out all of the information about your case. For this, you can do these. Take the ideas from these resources. And by doing so, you will find some of your thoughts too. 

  1. Go to your nearest library and find out all the information about the topic
  2. Find some research paper on the topic
  3. Read the books on the same topic
  4. Read the blog, article, Wikipedia, etc.
  5. Create a reference list

When you are researching your essay, you will come in contact with various literary resources. Take notes from there and make a list where you put all the references of the books and their writers, research papers. This way, you will provide a strong background of your arguments. 

When you have references of sources, then it will save you from committing plagiarism. And it will provide you with an extra layer of protection for your work. People can visit the reference books, research papers that you consulted and can get a complete understanding. It will make your essay a whole, well-researched article. 

Choose a Writing Style.

When you decide your topic, then choose a style on which you will write your essay. There are many styles, and everyone is different from each other. These styles will set the mood of the ‘perfect essay.’ And then, throughout the essay, it sticks with one type. This step will give the reader a better experience. When choosing the style, talk to your teacher/instructor/professor/tutor about the writing style. Their opinions matter a lot. These are some of the types of essay styles. 

  • Expository essay
  • Persuasive essay
  • Analytical essay
  • Narrative essay
  • Descriptive essay
  • Compare and contrast essay
  • Cause and effect essay
  • Critical analysis essay

Make an Outline for essay structure

In the next step, Start writing an outline of the essay. The outline will give you a clear picture of your essay. That is how it will look in your essay. You will have a better understanding of the essay, and you will know where it is going. Create a draft of the essay. And set the tone of the essay. 

Write Down All the Headings.

When you outline your essay, then write all the headings. Write as many as the possible heading. So when you write the essay, then you will not think about the content of the essay. Headings will provide you with a guiding path for your essay. Make sure all your essay’s heading should be according to the central idea of the essay. And insert all the necessary supportive points and arguments there.

Write a Compelling Thesis Statement.

The next step will be writing a compelling thesis statement. The thesis statement/introduction will present your central idea of the essay. Primarily people will judge your essay based on your thesis statement. So write a compelling thesis statement.

Write All the Essays in Paragraph Form.

When you write your essay, keep in your mind all the different ideas in a separate paragraph. Keep them equally distributed. One paragraph should have only one idea. The section should not be too long or too short. Your Introduction/thesis statement and conclusion should be one paragraph long. Paragraphs will give a better presentation of your essay. It will make it more convenient to read.

Write Extraordinary Conclusion

Write Extraordinary Conclusion
Write Extraordinary Conclusion

When you finish your essay, write an excellent conclusion. Don’t put any new ideas into the decision. Always before writing a conclusion, read the whole essay and then provide a perfect ending, which finishes your essay with the feeling that you have completed it correctly and completely. 

Revise it

When you finish writing your essay, then be ready for the most crucial task. ‘Revision.’ Read your essay several times and look how it sounds and feels, what you think. See the mistakes you have made. Write the unfinished ideas and sentences and complete them. The revision will provide you with a better view of your essay. 

Edit it Properly 

Now you are on the last step to complete your ‘perfect essay.’ After writing your essay, now the time is to do the editing. This step is the most crucial part. Here now, you have to edit your creation by yourself. You will find it very difficult to do that. You will feel it’s not fair with your draft. And your draft is perfect. But as beautifully said by Ernest Hemingway, “The first draft of anything is shit.“

You also have to assume in the same way and start doing the most challenging job. “Editing.” Editing will give you a new perspective on your essay. And if you find something missing, then add to it. 

However, all these steps require a lot of honest hard work. But even if you follow all the steps, you will end up with a ‘perfect essay.’ 

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