When you are putting a lot of effort into writing an essay or college paper, and when you complete your essay, you look at it and think about it- Is it good or not. And if you feel that it is good, then your job is half done. Same effort you have to put into designing the perfect cover page for your essay also.

The other half is to format it beautifully. Your essay should look better and follow some fundamental principles and with some specific citation style. All the citation styles have some advantages over other techniques. Your professor will suggest the style and your affiliation institute.

Now we have an essential task as the presentation of your essay. So, we need a beautiful and orderly formatted cover page, to create a cover page for your essay. It would be best if you were very cautious about, what you are putting on the cover page.

When it comes to creating a cover page for your essay, most students don’t pay much attention. They think it is just a waste of time. 

But when it comes to your instructor/teacher/professor. They have different opinions about your cover page. They see it as a trailer of your essay. If you have a cover page for your essay, they think you care about the formatting and presentation of your work and your grades. 

Yes, you are right. When you write your essay for academics, you need to create a cover page for your essay. A correctly formatted cover page will present your essay in a different league.

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Your Essay Cover pages may include your name, your course name, the name of your school, your paper title, your teacher or Professor’s name, and the due date of the paper. If you are unsure what to include on your cover page, check with your teacher/professor. They will tell you what information will be on the cover page of your essay.

The cover page’s style will be loosely based on what kind of citation style you are using for your essay. Citation is a formatting style.

 There are mainly three types of citation style-

  • APA Citation Format (American Psychological Association) is used by Education, Psychology, and Sciences
  • The Humanities use MLA Citation Format (Modern Language Association) style
  • Chicago/Turabian Citation Format style is generally used by Business, History, and the Fine Arts

(1) MLA Citation style

defined by the Modern Language Association, is most common in the humanities (Economics, History, Geography, ETC.). Because humanities research highlights how one piece of writing influences another, MLA style emphasizes the author’s name and the page in the original text you’re using. This information allows scholars to track down easily the exact sentences you’re analyzing.

Now when you have your essay is ready, then create a cover page for your article. In MLA title page style will include-

  • University/school’s name
  • Title of the essay/paper
  • The subtitle, if you have one
  • Your name
  • Course name and number, 
  • Professor/teacher name
  • Due date
How to Create a Perfect Cover Page for An Essay/Paper
How to Create a Perfect Cover Page for An Essay/Paper


(2) APA Citation style

defined by the American Psychological Association, is most common in the social sciences. Although the author’s name is a vital element in APA citations, this style emphasizes the year the source was published rather than the page number, allowing a reader to quickly see how the research you’re writing about has evolved.

When you design a cover page for your essay, which is citation style based on the APA title page, the cover style will include-

  • Page number
  • Title
  • Subtitle
  • Author
  • Affiliation
  • Course 
  • Instructor 
  • Due Date
How to Create a Perfect Cover Page for An Essay/Paper
How to Create a Perfect Cover Page for An Essay/Paper

(3) Chicago Citation style

defined by the University of Chicago. Chicago style is trendy in historical research. When developing a historical explanation from different primary sources, using footnotes instead of inserting parenthetical information allows the reader to focus on the evidence instead of being distracted by the publication information about that evidence. Chicago title cover page will include these-       

  •        Title
  •        Sub Title
  •        Author
  •        Class or Section
  •        Name of your Professor
  •         Date
How to Create a Perfect Cover Page for An Essay/Paper
How to Create a Perfect Cover Page for An Essay/Paper

At last, the most important thing you have to remember is that you ask your teacher / Professor to style the essay cover page. It’s ok when you are not in college, but you have written a lengthy essay with a specific citation style. Then your report also should be according to your citation style.

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