“Like the painting that has not been painted yet”- Jeff( The Robot)

That is right, and when jeff said these words to Finch, I understood the meaning of the whole film. In the beginning, I was like another post-apocalyptic Sci-fi movie where few people will die, and some people will survive. Nevertheless, the movie Has only one human, one dog, and two robots in the movie. In the beginning, you may think there would be many fights scenes, but there were not. All the characters together talk, they learn, they play, and they are connected. This movie also brings some of the far-fetched ideas about when robots can dream also.

This movie presents a very optimistic view on this front. The movie(Finch) has a very balanced approach to dealing with complex human issues. The movie depicts how life will be Without the ozone layer, with a 150-degree temperature high level of UV radiation, heatwave, and we as humans will not be able to move freely. This movie presents a very realistic picture of climate change. Finch’s directer shows how humans will think in an extreme crisis. Let us, deep-dive, into it.  

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Before we move forward with the review, let me summarize the story for you- In the post-apocalyptic world, A alone man named Finch is living with his dog named Goodyear and helper robot Dewey in the underground laboratory where previously Finch was waking as a robotics engineer. The conditions On the earth, are suitable for humans, animals, plants, and other living beings. Conclusion: there is high temperature, Ultra-violet Radiation; because of this, Finch only goes out sometimes to find some essential things for himself and his dog. Furthermore, when going outside, he always has his Ultraviolet protective suit on. 

One day Finch realizes that he is dying of an unknown disease, so then he starts building an advanced humanoid robot to take care of Goodyear once he is gone. He built it from scratch and started uploading all the books and encyclopedias about dogs. However, soon he heard that there was a very violent storm approaching towards them. So Finch decided to leave that laboratory to look another place.

He left in a hurry with the Goodyear, Dewey, and the new Robot. However, only 72% of the data has been uploaded to the new Robot because of the hurry. Because of that, Robot has a child-like understanding, and it requires training. So Finch decided to train it. On the way, When Finch was training the Robot, b the Robot had chosen the name ‘Jeff” for itself. So now Finch teaches Jeff valuable lessons to take care of Goodyear after he has gone. 

Soon when they reached Denver, Finch became too sick and could not come out of the bed. Now Jeff decided to bring supplies from an abandoned hospital, not realizing that their other humans set up the trap, so and Finch decided to save them, but it was too late. Jeff lost the Dewey. Dewey traps into a Beartrap. They ran away with the motorhome, but soon they realized that they were persuaded by another vehicle. So they decided to leave the main road, and they got trapped under the bridge. Jeff pushed the motorhome and saved all of them. 

Moreover, now he knows that he will not be able to reach San Francisco. So suit up and sit there with Jeff. Then Jeff tells him about his dream that the three of us- Finch, Jeff, and Goodyear- were standing on the Golden Gate bridge. Now Jeff was driving the motorhome because Finch was bedridden, and soon they reached a place where the radiation was very low, and Finch could roam without protective gear. Furthermore, Jeff started to play with Good year. Now Finch started coughing, and Soon he died. In the last scene, Jeff and Goodyear are standing on GoldenGate bridge and planning to another place.  

Personal Opinion About Movie 

As anyone watching, this movie is about after the apocalyptic world. So you may think it has the same narrative as previous movies have set, but this film is about new relationships, trust, and companionship. Finch developed a unique bond with his dog(Goodyear). When he is dying, he only thinks about his dog and its survival after he is gone. So he decided to build a humanoid robot to take care of Goodyear. Its shows the ultimate human side of the main character. Director brings out the best possible scene for this. Finch only fo outside in search of supplies, and supplies include useful tools, food for him and his dog. 

After he built the humanoid Robot to take care of his dog, he taught it everything it needs to take care of a dog. He uploaded a lot of books and encyclopedias on dogs. The Robot also learns about how to live a life, and Robot tries to befriend dogs. Finch talks about trust and how jeff has to build trust with The dog, Goodyear. Jeff asks various questions Finch about life, trust, trust, and everything to survive and take care of Finch and Goodyear. Jeff tries to protect them every time if there is a problem. 

The film beautifully shows that when life is hard to live, you also have to take care vulnerable and protect them and show the utmost care for them. Moreover, you will help to come from everywhere. After Finch has gone, Jeff and Goodyear continue with the journey that shows they are following and building trust in each other, whatever Finch had thought them. Now they are continuing with the long waited journey. 

When you watch the movie, you will be hooked to your seat to wait for something important to happen, but you will see the character’s human side. Both the characters played by Tom Hanks and Caleb Landry Jones were good. They bring out the human side of the character. You may feel that film is not so fast-paced and actions less. Nevertheless, you will get to see the different sides of the apocalyptic world. 

If you talk about the storyline, you can call it a little slow, but the audience takes it well. The story has a unique point to emphasize, and it has been successful on it. The story talks about Global challenges and future problems without any real talk. It shows how the world will be without the ozone layer and makes the earth a hot ball of fire. Where nothing will survive, humans, animals, birds, and all types of life will not survive and mostly go instinctually. Films talk silently about global warming and how it will impact the lives of living creatures on earth. Solar flair and dust storms will wrack the whole world, and we will not be able to tolerate that kind of hardship. The movie shows a glimpse of the future. 


If you ask me to sum up this story, it was moderately executed and well planned. Not so exaggeration by including very horrific scene and fight scene. It was well planned, and the actors were good. They show the human side of the character beautifully. If you think about the movie talks about real-world problems and what we will face as humanity. We will face extreme levels of radiation, UV rays, heatwave, food shortage, water crises, and many more. So we have to think about our environment, and this movie can be placed in an awakening call for humans. A creative way to depict, How the future will look like. 

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