Fair Use Policy

Use of Received Written Materials

Welcomes to EssayCopy.com’s Fair Use Policy, the document that explains the use of the written materials on our website completes. Please read the following information to be aware of all conditions.

Under this policy, you shall not specify your name on any written materials (hereafter called “Product”). Any written material we provide to you is delivered exceptionally to give references and an example of research. We never accept, stimulate, or consciously participate in plagiarism or any other action similar to academic cheating or scamming.

Our company sticks to and observes all existing copyright laws and, thus, will not deliberately permit customers to abuse any copyright law or perform plagiarism. Therefore, before using our services, you accept and agree that each Product you provide will be given as sample material that can be used for research. Along with it, any message, point, or idea taken by you from the written material we provided shall be appropriately cited on our website in case you want to include them in your work.

We and our partners or affiliates will not be responsible for any improper, unethical, or unlawful use of any Product you obtain from us. It may refer to plagiarism, legal claims, low grades, removal, academic probation, loss of scholarships/rewards/subsidies/trophies/championships/posts, misfortune, suspension, and other disciplines or judicial actions. Only the person who purchases the Product at this website will be liable for every disciplinary action caused by the written material’s wrong, unethical, or unlawful use.

Additionally, we will not be responsible for potential lateness and any technical issues regarding product delivery, which may happen because of the failure of the customer’s mailing server and the customer’s Internet Service Provider. 

We shall never ensure any specific mark or grade using the written material delivered to you. Consequently, you will only be given a refund and can ask for it if you were well assessed and not how you expected.