Choosing a profession is one of the most crucial selections each man or woman makes of their lifestyle. Different factors, including personality traits, knowledge, talents, and possibilities, must be considered while pursuing a particular professional path. Further, specialization must be beneficial for the individual and society and stay in consistent demand. Consequently, the following essay will explain why I would like to become a nurse by discussing the numerous advantages of this career.

Certified Nursing Assistants, or CNAs for short, can work in different places, including Hospitals, Nursing houses, and assisted dwelling facilities. The job calls for persistence and essential care for the affected person for things like taking a look at vital signs, feeding the patient food, personal hygiene, observing bandages, and plenty more.


The schooling required for a CNA is excessive- a college degree at the side of a 6–12-week CNA magnificence or pursuing a bachelor’s diploma within the area of nursing. The modules you will be gaining knowledge of and practicing might be basic nursing abilities, anatomy and physiology, nutrition, and contamination management. College students are also to get numerous arms on to enjoy those training with medical sports. To grow formally licensed, you need to bypass a country-issued exam or an examination confined to a university. The take a look at carries a

couple of-choice phases and segments where the individual have to demonstrate their capabilities. So as for the individual to preserve their licensure, they have to receive persevering with schooling years.


There are a few unique forms of salaries for CNA, the ones being: annual salary, minimal and maximum salary. Salaries vary from vicinity to area; however, the average yearly revenue is $27,520. The profits for CNA aren’t the best; however, it may be an excellent job for human beings who are simply taking off their career. It might offer notable revel in the field, and it may assist them in gathering connections in their working facility, developing an utterly compelling network amongst people.

A CNA has a plethora of running conditions. However, to start the list off, a CNA works approximately forty hours per week which splits as much as around 8 hours per day in a 5-day week or about five. Seven hours consistent with day in a 7-day week. It’s pretty a full-time job. CNAs don’t precisely receive a commission quite a little money which can be a thing that turns many people away.

There is also constrained room for advancement for the process because there isn’t any similar training. The process can be bodily worrying for some humans due to the fact that patients may additionally need to be carried from or onto their beds. The task can also be emotionally rough because many unwell patients can also skip away, which may be hard for a few individuals to address. Physical fluids can discourage others due to the fact some human beings may not necessarily want to be working with feces or urine.

Boon or Bane

There are many blessings with most of these hazards/dangers (it is constantly higher to depart the best for closing). The advantages are the short faculty time that’s a path of about 6-12 weeks long, and there are numerous job possibilities for CNAs. The bodily work of the process can be an advantage to some folks that despise sitting and gazing at a laptop. Some humans prefer to be active and on their feet. The task can also be emotionally valuable because it could help many patients experience happiness and comfy with the care. They are receiving and could assist people to feel desirable and the capability to work in a plethora of different workplaces like a health facility, nursing home, assisted dwelling facility, patient houses, and many others. Maybe very useful to a few.

There aren’t virtually any professional ladders within the discipline of being a CNA. Because of the truth that it most effectively calls for someone to have a high faculty diploma or a GED and a 6–12-week course, there isn’t always clearly whatever earlier than a CNA that can assist create a ladder of kinds. However, being a CNA can help to end up later an RN, which is extremely useful because it’s miles a quite astounding improvement from a CNA.

I believe this process is very beneficial and would classify into two mindsets: a selfish and an altruistic point of view. From the selfish point of view, the job can be helpful in a considerable quantity like the pay. As a college freshman, economic problems being to stand up and activity as CNA can assist pay for any payments. The process can also help a student create many connections a place of job a health center case the scholar may additionally need to increase to a better activity like an RN.

Now, searching for the job from an altruistic point of view, you’re helping people at the give up of the day, and you’re making a higher region via satisfying someone else. The roles hazards as an alternative and certainly a 2-dimensional mention is usually better at the brilliant facet of factors, examining the positives and blessings that this task can offer you.

A nurse must be unfastened from the supremacy of the doctors, and they aren’t obliged to his duty. A physician continually continues giving a sense of inferiority to the nurses, and as a result, they lose their self-esteem in this procedure. Strict rules must be there to balance the duties and responsibilities irrespective of the fact that their doctors on the nurses exert dominance. Positive critical projects in this discipline can shop the plights of nurses nowadays.


A nursing job has several disadvantages but has a plethora of advantages, like the fact that it’s too good for college students trying to manage their financial situations. And it can help me gain experience and create connections. I am very forward to becoming certified at the end of the school year because I am very committed to success. The current situation of nurses in the present times is poor as they are objects that do not sense any external conditions. Many doctors tend to be rude and do not talk to them politely due to the work pressure in the workplace, which must be changed to bring equality in the society and workplace.

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