A school is a place where you find yourself being shaped into the best version of yourself. The knowledge school provides is very essential to become what is necessary for someone what he wants to achieve success.

Finding a good school and good education for the children is quite an essential and responsible task for parents. It is the step of life that should be taken very diligently.

However, my school was one of the best choices my parents ever made for me in life. I always thought my school to be a nightmare until I finished my schooling. My school gave me a lot to cherish as memories.

I am grateful to each and everything which happened to me during my school days. My teachers always tried to make me feel like we (my teacher and me) are friends. I could share anything with them. They were more than teachers to me.

I can still remember the incident where once I was messed up with my project works. It was time for me to submit it but I was not able to complete it on time because I was suffering from a fever for one week.

I rushed to my class teacher to ask for a favor. She quietly listened to me, to whatever I said very carefully, and then she asked me to get back to my place without saying anything which I expected her to say.

I was getting very nervous as our principal was soon going to enter the classroom through the sliding door to check if all of us submitted the project work. Finally, that moment came and she entered our class. From behind the glasses she firstly observed each of us until we greeted her with a good morning.

She greeted us back with a warm smile and checked if all of us were in proper uniform. As she was taking rounds in the classroom and approaching near me, my heart started pumping and beating faster. Of course, she had a dynamic personality which made her very smart but her looks were always grave! And that’s the reason I was so afraid of her.

Finally, when she came near me, she asked my name and I hurried over to my desk to stand immediately to show a gesture of respect. After knowing my name she called me out of the classroom along with her.

At that stage, I thought she would scold me for not being up to date but as I got out she just told me to write and submit an application for not being able to complete the work on time because it was a rule in my school that if any student fails to comply with the rules, he or she should always present themselves with an application.

I happily rushed to my class teacher to thank her for the favor. She smiled back at me and asked me to never be late again.

My teachers always supported me no matter how many times I annoyed them. They always co-operated with me in everything.

I always got the home-like feeling there. The helping staff of my school never backed from helping us. Once I forgot to bring my practical files and only 15 minutes were left in the exam. I was afraid but then I saw one member of the helping staff going out of the school and then I requested him to meet my father and take my file from him. He agreed.

Next, I called my father and told him everything. He took my file from the study table and handed it to the member of the helping staff. I was just going to enter the Laboratory when he came calling my name with my file in his hand. I was very glad and thanked him for the kindness he showed.

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Apart from all these incidents, there were many which I can recall. My school had different ways of providing education to children. The way young teachers handled kindergarten students was commendable. I always got surprised to see the kids being so comfortable with the teachers and non of them cried to get back home.

My school had a small garden in school where cute animals like rabbits, dogs, cats, birds like parrots, sparrows, etc, lived together in harmony. Kids were taken to that garden once a week to feel the love for the animals. Many kids used to bring eatables for the animals and animals loved to be given that affection from the kids.

During every parent-teacher meeting, every teacher gave at least one chocolate to the student to appreciate the hard work. They believed that appreciating a child’s work keeps him moving up.

On occasions, our school used to collect and prepare gift hampers for the needy but they never took huge amounts from the students or the teachers. The fees we paid were sufficient for the good causes. Teachers made students distribute the hampers from our hands in my school.

My school had a team of counselors who had senior students who were experienced more than juniors and if any problem troubled the juniors they could straightly go to their seniors for pieces of advice and helps. And for this, all the seniors were paid by my school depending upon the number of students and the number of times a student was counseled by a senior student every month.

I found it very nice. Teachers and the management of my school knew that students won’t be that comfortable sharing their problems with the teachers or any elder but seniors always acted like elder brothers or sisters, so that made juniors comfortable for talking.

Teachers and management of my school always had faith in the thought process of the seniors as their experiences would never lead them to give wrong advice to the juniors.

The marking scheme of my school always left me disappointed because they were teaching us the value of hard work and I realized this when I reached high school!

There were many morals my school has taught me and even if I don’t want them then also I have to use them in my today’s life just because I have been used to it and it has been a habit. I never had any complaint against my school, they were so perfect and diligent and that’s the reason each one of us is in a better place today.

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