Friends are always a very crucial part of someone’s life. Having perfect friends in life is a blessing. They will always keep you pushing forward so that you remain confident and find your success around you every time.

My friends have been an inseparable part of my life. They have always managed me at my worsts and have celebrated me at my best! The fact that they are more than a family to me keeps me always thinking about them no matter what.

Everyone has a good and big friend circle but if those friends are not true then it feels like a burden and nothing. A well-said statement always wins my heart here: “Quality is better than Quantity!”. And yes! The quality of friends matters the most than the quantity.

I have a very small friend circle (or I call it a pentagon if I include myself in that) and each one of them is available whenever I need them. It’s not just about being available when I need them, as there is a saying that: “A friend in need is a friend indeed!” but they understand every inch of me even if I don’t say anything. They always know when I am down and that’s what keeps them different from others.

One can easily understand if a person is happy or sad but only true friends can make out the reason for the happiness or sadness and then if you are sad they know the best ways to make your day! The happiness which no one can give can be experienced by your friends.

My friends have always supported me in all kinds of crimes from knocking at the doors of a rude neighbor unnecessarily to waking up late nights just to make our birthdays special.

No one can ever understand you the way your friends can. I can still remember a time when I had to get ready for meetings out of the station and my friends came to my place just to make sure that I had all the proper arrangements for the journey.

I always found a surprise chocolate box full of different varieties of chocolates inside my bag on the way. They always knew that whatever the situation would be those chocolates would definitely favor me for reaching safely to my destinations. They knew well how chocolates elevate my mood whenever I have mood swings.

It’s all about time, place, and needs that keep me separated from my friends, they always reside inside my heart. Every problem seems stupid when they give me a funny description of the problem to me. I always feel that I can manage everything only after I consult the problems with my friends.

I have been at a place from where many are not able to move further and grow but my friends always supported me in getting back and fighting for what I deserve and what I want.

Most of the time it feels that I should not disturb them when I am down but how on Earth they come to know that I need them I don’t know. They always call me up and ask me to plan up a meet so that all of us may feel relaxed from the stresses and problems of life.

They never let me feel as if I am the only one who rings their phones and disturbs them from unnecessary to necessary issues. Even if they don’t have any problem they try to reach me pretending that they need help from me just to be with me till the problem gets subsided or reaches their ears, and I know this!

I never felt so supportive fro anyone, not even my family tried to understand me s much the way they do, the only thing is they know everything inch of me and that’s why I love them so much. My prayers reach to them before reaching to God.

Many friends stay with you until you provide them fame or money and as your bad time approaches, they just get vanished. My friends never get vanished even if I ask them to leave me alone, they will shout at me, yell at me, sometimes slap me too, because I know I am being stupid sometimes.

I always wanted these kinds of people in my life, not the ones who just accept what I say. My friends always made me understand through which path I am going and they made me realize whats my destination.

Whenever I stopped at the destinations that were not made for me they pushed me further making me understand the disadvantage of stopping there and the advantage of reaching my destination.

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All the seven wonders seem nothing to me when I see them. I wonder how I got this lucky when I see their smiling faces. The care, the affection, the love, the respect they shower on me is just more than anyone else can provide me.

There are times when I don’t want to accept what they want me to accept but it makes me wonder that how a person can explain you same things again ad again.

They are never tired of explaining to me the same thing and always in a different manner hoping I understand any of them. They always try their best not to let me choose the wrong paths in any situation.

I feel neglected, I feel dejected and rejected and then my friends make me realize my self-worth. They make me understand the purpose of my life, whenever I am about to quit. I may have thousands of reasons to quit but they bring up that one solid reason for me to keep going.

Life is so cruel and hard just because it wants us to be stronger. This is the thing they always try to make me understand. We don’t understand the value of something until it’s gone that’s the reason they taught me to be thankful for everything small thing or achievement I get. They ask me to thank God firstly for every achievement I grab back home.

I will always be thankful to God for sending me selected and precious gems. I only thing I can call my wealth!

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