When it comes to writing an essay, you have to decide the topic of the essay. Your instructor will give some time topic, however, sometimes you have to decide yourself. Here are 747 Contemporary Essays Topic for your help.

Here we have given you 700+ essay topics. You can choose any of them. This list covers a whole bunch of the issues. Even if you decide to select any other topic, this list will give you an idea, what topic you should choose.

So, let’s have a look at this list-

  1. A new government in the US
  2. Joe Biden as President
  3. China and its foreign policy.
  4. Armenia-Azerbaijan Issues
  5. USA’s mediation for Israel in Eurasia Region
  6. Brexit and its implications
  7. Regional trade blocs like NAFTA, RCEP, etc.
  8. Afghan Peace Process 
  9. USA diplomacy for Afghanistan
  10. E-Diplomacy
  11. USA-Canada relationship
  12. UN 75 Declaration
  13. NASA’s Artemis Program
  14. SpaceX space program
  15. Life lessons that coronavirus taught us.
  16. Are we ready for the next pandemic?
  17. Depression and its effect on the relationship
  18. Has the family gained during corona times? 
  19. Is the world being ready to handle pandemic?
  20. Helping the world being vegetarian?
  21. Happiness is just an imagination.
  22. Knowledge makes you strong.
  23. Lasting peace needs War.
  24. Artificial Intelligence – The Future 
  25. The world needs better thinkers.
  26. Inequality is needed for progress
  27. Does the world need more missiles or more industries?
  28. The era of Digitalization
  29. World Infrastructure Pipeline 
  30. Feminism
  31. Women leaders around the world
  32. The media must inform the public, not manufacture opinion. 
  33. Women should have ambition
  34. People shape economic Growth and Development.
  35. Social media is the new foundation of democracy.
  36. Does a leader make an impact on the destiny of his country?
  37. The Cry of Transgenders
  38. Role of health worker during the pandemic
  39. The media has to inform the public, not manufacture opinion.
  40. Elderly Population around the world 
  41. Transparent Taxation
  42. Tax the rich
  43. Data Free Flow with Trust (DFFT)
  44. Should plastic be banned?
  45. Pollution due to Urbanization
  46. Education to be free for everyone
  47. Student’s Right
  48. Selling weed should be banned.
  49. Smoking in public places should be banned.
  50. Facebook should be banned.
  51. Privacy issue with social media.
  52. Government should break down Google into small companies.
  53. Monopoly is good for society.
  54. Monopoly is bad for society.
  55. Google should pay for news content.
  56. E-game should be promoted. 
  57. UNSC should have a more permanent member
  58. ISIS should be destroyed
  59. Hunger problem in Africa
  60. Britain should return all the artifacts to their origin country.
  61. Space Race
  62. Our Future- E Cars
  63. Environment Pollution
  64. Green Deal is a Real Deal
  65. Tax the super-rich
  66. Afghanistan Future under Taliban
  67. US Foreign Policy
  68. Space War
  69. Cyber War
  70. Bio Weapon- Now reality
  71. Weapon of Mass Destruction
  72. Crypto-currency and issues related to it
  73. Higher Education versus skill acquisition
  74. Entrance exams versus Qualifying exams 
  75. Future School – Online School
  76. Labour Law Reforms
  77. Minimum pay 
  78. COVID-19: A hidden Saviour of Biodiversity
  79. Hyper-globalism is a threat to human prosperity
  80. Net Zero Carbon Emission
  81. Earth’s Geo-Magnetic field and its impact
  82. Money Laundering and Illegal Wildlife trade
  83. Ban on plastic: Environment vs Economy
  84. Seed Bombs: Solution to Man-Animal Conflict
  85. Growing Pollution in Rivers
  86. Organic Farming in the world
  87. Mahatma Gandhi
  88. Principles of Non-violence
  89. APJ Abdul Kalam
  90. Leadership
  91. Mother Teresa
  92. Abraham Lincoln
  93. Martin Luther King Jr.
  94. My Favorite Animal
  95. Pollution
  96. Global Warming
  97. Environment
  98. Save Earth
  99. Air Pollution
  100. Environmental Pollution
  101. Water Pollution
  102. Save Water
  103. Rainy Season
  104. Importance of Nature
  105. Importance Of Trees
  106. Trees Our Best Friend
  107. Save Trees
  108. Deforestation
  109. Winter Season
  110. Rainy Day
  111. Summer Season
  112. Natural Disasters
  113. Flood
  114. Save Environment
  115. Water Crisis
  116. Health Is Wealth
  117. A Stitch in Time Saves Nine
  118. An Apple a Day Keeps Doctor Away
  119. A strong will can move mountains for you.
  120. Time and Tide wait for none
  121. Rome was not Built in a Day
  122. Noise Pollution
  123. Patriotism- A core quality
  124. Health
  125. Corruption
  126. Environment Pollution
  127. Women Empowerment
  128. Music
  129. Science
  130. Science and Technology
  131. Importance of Sports
  132. Sports and Games
  133. Sports
  134. Time Management
  135. Cleanliness is next to Godliness
  136. Cleanliness 
  137. Earthquake
  138. Football
  139. Happiness
  140. What it takes to get Success
  141. Unemployment – Giant problem
  142. Automation of Industry
  143. Changing the future
  144. Describe Yourself 
  145. Your Hobby
  146. Your favorite pass time.
  147. Forest Protection
  148. Healthy Food
  149. Importance Of Water
  150. Junk Food 
  151. Plastic Pollution
  152. New Fashion Trend
  153. Favorite Book
  154. Doctor- A noble Saviour
  155. Population blast
  156. Value of Time
  157. Honesty is the Best Policy
  158. Freedom
  159. Human Rights Violation around the globe
  160. Knowledge Is Power
  161. Same-Sex Marriage
  162. LGBTQ’s Rights
  163. Childhood Memories
  164. Cyber Crime
  165. Politics
  166. Time Travel- Future Possibility
  167. Favorite Food
  168. Punctuality
  169. Role Model
  170. Spring Season
  171. Tourism in your locality
  172. Unity In Diversity
  173. Artificial Intelligence- Our Future
  174. One important soft skill
  175. Online Shopping
  176. How to respect others 
  177. Yoga- Healing of your soul
  178. Deliveryman
  179. Healthy Lifestyle
  180. Time is the most important commodity
  181. Favorite Holiday
  182. US Education System
  183. Childhood memory
  184. Disaster Management
  185. Environmental Issues
  186. Freedom Fighters
  187. Garden
  188. Grandparents
  189. Save Fuel for Better Environment
  190. Importance Of Newspaper
  191. Teamwork
  192. World Environment Day
  193. Badminton
  194. Honesty
  195. What Is Religion
  196. Charity Begins at Home
  197. Money- Crucial Part of life
  198. MY first Journey by Train
  199. Ideal student
  200. Save Water Save Earth
  201. World Environment Day
  202. Recycling
  203. Disaster Management
  204. US Farmer
  205. Safety of Women in the USA
  206. Capital Punishment
  207. College Life
  208. Hostel/Dorm life
  209. Natural Resources
  210. Peer Pressure
  211. Motivation
  212. Nature Vs. Nurture
  213. Romeo And Juliet
  214. Generation Gap
  215. US Constitution 
  216. Federal government
  217. Girl improvement
  218. Me To movement
  219. Importance of Family
  220. Natural Resources
  221. Brain Drain
  222. A Friend in Need Is a Friend Indeed
  223. Action Speaks Louder Than Words
  224. All That Glitters Is Not Gold
  225. Bhagat Singh
  226. Demonetization
  227. Agriculture
  228. Cricket
  229. Hockey
  230. Discipline
  231. Importance of Discipline
  232. Population Explosion
  233. Poverty
  234. Underlying Poverty in the USA
  235. Uses Of Mobile Phones
  236. Water Scarcity
  237. Train Journey
  238. Land Pollution
  239. Environment Protection
  240. US Army
  241. Agriculture
  242. Uses of Internet
  243. Zoo- A place of animal cruelty
  244. All that Glitters is not Gold
  245. Balanced Diet
  246. Blood Donation
  247. Energy Conservation
  248. National Integration
  249. Railway Station
  250. Tsunami
  251. Health And Hygiene
  252. Importance Of Forest
  253. Laughter Is the Best Medicine
  254. Basketball
  255. Career Goals
  256. Marriage purpose
  257. Mental Health
  258. Save Water Save Life
  259. International Yoga Day
  260. Vacation
  261. Gardening
  262. Winter Vacation
  263. Patriotism
  264. Soil Pollution
  265. How you take Criticism  
  266. Every Cloud Has a Silver Lining
  267. Ancient Culture and Tradition
  268. Unity Is Strength
  269. Unity in Diversity
  270. Wildlife Conservation- Critical analysis
  271. Cruelty To Pet Animals
  272. Google- An overview
  273. Nelson Mandela
  274. Martin Luther King Junior
  275. Organ Donation Camp
  276. Blood Donation Camp
  277. Life in a Small City
  278. Ethical behavior
  279. Democracy in world
  280. Drought
  281. Career planning
  282. Waste Management
  283. Biodiversity
  284. Afforestation 
  285. Female Feticide
  286. Harmful Effects of Junk Food
  287. Rain Water Harvesting
  288. Save Electricity
  289. Social Media
  290. Social Networking Sites
  291. Sound Pollution
  292. Integrity
  293. Procrastination
  294. Life in a USA Village
  295. Life in Big City
  296. Population Growth
  297. Cancer
  298. World Population Day
  299. Greenhouse Effect
  300. Statue of Unity
  301. Traffic Jam
  302. Space Jam
  303. Importance of Good Manners
  304. Good Manners
  305. Cyber Security
  306. Green Revolution
  307. Health And Fitness
  308. A Good Friend
  309. Importance of Friends in our Life
  310. Youth and their impact on society
  311. Should Plastic be Banned
  312. Nationalism
  313. Knowledge- Shield of reality
  314. Traffic Rules
  315. Effects of Global Warming
  316. Labour Day
  317. Fundamental Rights
  318. Values
  319. Solar System
  320. Effects of Global Warming
  321. National Constitution Day
  322. Good Mother
  323. Mother
  324. Motherhood
  325. Secularism
  326. Importance of Trees in our Life
  327. City Life Vs. Village Life
  328. Importance of Communication
  329. Conservation of Nature
  330. Man, vs Machine
  331. USA Economy
  332. Mother’s Job 
  333. Mothers Love
  334. Importance of National Integration
  335. Black Money
  336. Money Laundering
  337. HIV & AIDS- Cure and prevention 
  338. Greenhouse effect
  339. Untouchability
  340. Self-Discipline
  341. Terrorism
  342. Global Terrorism
  343. Conservation of Biodiversity
  344. Acid Rain- Frequently occurring phenomena
  345. Newspaper and Its Uses
  346. World Health Day
  347. Conservation of Natural Resources
  348. A Picnic with Family
  349. Native People Heritage
  350. Status of Women in India
  351. A child is Father of the Man
  352. Reading is Good Habit
  353. Plastic Bag
  354. Terrorism in world
  355. Library and Its Uses
  356. Life on Mars
  357. Colonization of Mars
  358. Urbanization
  359. Vocational Education
  360. Importance of Tree Plantation
  361. Obesity- Social stigma or health issue
  362. Summer Camp
  363. Vehicle Pollution
  364. Women Education in India
  365. Freedom of the Press
  366. Bribery
  367. Rain Water Harvesting
  368. Road Rage
  369. Environment and Human Health
  370. Mountain Climbing
  371. Depletion of Natural Resources
  372. Health Education
  373. Effects of Deforestation
  374. Life after School
  375. Impact of Privatization
  376. Addiction- Cure and Prevention
  377. US Election process
  378. Election and Democracy
  379. Prevention of Global Warming
  380. Impact of Cinema on Life 
  381. Impact of Global Warming on Oceans
  382. Pollution due to Festivals
  383. Democracy vs Dictatorship
  384. Organ trafficking
  385. Consequences of Global Warming
  386. Role of Human Activities in Global Warming
  387. Issues and Problems faced by Women around the globe
  388. Role of Judiciary at election time
  389. Online Mobile Game Addiction
  390. Role of Youths in Nation Building
  391. Value of Oxygen and Water in Life/Earth
  392. Vegan Diet
  393. Health Benefits of a vegan diet
  394. Suicides in world 
  395. Start-up 
  396. Pollution Due to Firecrackers
  397. Life of Soldiers
  398. Child Labour
  399. Slavery
  400. Save Girl Child
  401. Life 
  402. Morning Walk
  403. My School Fete
  404. Financial Literacy to school students
  405. Sustainable Development for the future generation
  406. Travel around the world
  407. My cozy little home
  408. What Early Marriage means
  409. Importance Of English Language
  410. Importance of Mass Media
  411. Horse as your pet
  412. Police brutality 
  413. Inhumane behavior of police
  414. Eid – Festival of love
  415. Solar Energy- Ultimate source of energy
  416. Essay based on any wild animal
  417. Essay on any fruit
  418. Gender Discrimination 
  419. Gender pay gap
  420. Gender politics
  421. Advertisement- A manipulation
  422. My First Day at School after lockdown
  423. My Neighborhood’s criminals
  424. True Friendship is a myth
  425.  Work Is Worship 
  426. Workaholism
  427. The best weapon is Self Confidence
  428. Superstition
  429. Essay On any big city in every state
  430. Sex Vs. Gender Essay
  431. Solving of Social Issues
  432. Time Is Money 
  433. Grandmothers
  434. Hard Work will pay off sooner or later
  435. First Day Of college after lockdown
  436. Essay on flowers
  437. My Favorite Chinese/Indian/Mexican/Korean/Japanese/Italian/French/Vietnamize Food 
  438. How Birds navigate
  439. Humanity still exists
  440. Sun- our power hub
  441. Afghanistan – New breeding ground of terrorism 
  442. Every Cloud Has a Silver Lining Essay
  443. Importance of Cleanliness Essay
  444. My Sister Essay
  445. Self-Introduction Essay
  446. Solar Energy Essay
  447. Sports Day Essa
  448. Value Of Education Essay
  449. Essay On ISRO
  450. Essay On Balance Is Beneficial
  451. Financial aid to college dropout for skill learning
  452. Water Management, Need of the hour
  453. Smoking kills
  454. Stress Management
  455. Depression
  456. Mental health issue
  457. Right diagnosis of mental health
  458. Essay On William Shakespeare
  459. Apple- A design marvel
  460. Albert Einstein
  461. Feminism
  462. Kindness
  463. Domestic Violence
  464. English as a Global Language
  465. Co-Education
  466. Importance Of Exercise 
  467. Overpopulation Essay
  468. Education from Smartphone
  469. Essay on all the big River
  470. Cyclone- Causes of destruction
  471. Facebook A place for social awareness
  472. Science In Everyday Life
  473. Women Rights
  474. Right To Education 
  475. Global Peace
  476. UNO Peacekeeping Forces
  477. Artistic mind
  478. Bicycle- Savior of the planet
  479. Sexual Harassment
  480. Workplace harassment
  481. Essay On Hospital 
  482. Essay On Art
  483. Your favorite writer/poet/novelist
  484. On Space objects
  485. Earth destroyed by an asteroid
  486. Your last birthday parties
  487. Don’t Judge a Book by Its Cover Essay
  488. Natural Calamities around the globe
  489. Show the Gratitude 
  490. Who am I? 
  491. Positive Thinking is the Saviour
  492. Your favorite recreational activity
  493. Education is free for everyone.
  494. Is obesity growing in the United States?
  495. Internet access to students should be limited.
  496. Healthy lifestyle for teenagers.
  497. Need for physical education for college students.
  498. Relationship between fitness and diet.
  499. E-sports.
  500. Should we encourage people to play e-sports?
  501. Capital punishment- Moral dilemma?
  502. Sports players on steroids should be banned.
  503. Teaching kids to work at home. 
  504. Tobacco should be made illegal.
  505. Did you pay attention to what other people say?
  506. Contemporary exams do not match the student’s ability.
  507. Perfect exam pattern- According to you. 
  508.  Breastfeeding in public places
  509. The internet is to bring a change.
  510. Responsible parents provide a healthy diet.
  511. Churches should pay taxes too.
  512. What should be the drinking age?
  513. What should be the drinking age?
  514. Sex orientation is determined when a child is young.
  515. Same-sex marriages in Muslim countries
  516. Illegal immigrants – Their safety
  517. Advertising influences brand image.
  518. Insomnia influences a person’s cognitive ability.
  519. Reduce stress with daily exercise
  520. Cause and effect of poverty.
  521. Effect of school bullying.
  522. Uber’s influence on taxi drivers.
  523. Promotion of social programs on the various social media platforms
  524. The causes of increasing divorces in the USA
  525. What are the causes of terrorism?
  526. Effects of professional sport on children.
  527. How stop eating junk food?
  528. Obesity: main causes and remedial steps.
  529. College versus middle school.
  530. Unemployed students versus students who work.
  531. Washington versus Lincoln.
  532. Burger versus pizza.
  533. Movies versus Television shows.
  534. The sun or the moon.
  535. Popcorn or Nachos.
  536. Teenage versus adulthood.
  537. Camping out on the mountain.
  538. Comparison between cats and dogs.
  539. Difference between homework and class assignments.
  540. Pros and cons of travelling alone.
  541. Are public schools better than private schools?
  542. Homeschooling versus attending an actual school.
  543. Difference between exams in colleges and schools.
  544. Essay writing versus blog writing.
  545. Memories from your first Day of school.
  546. The Day when you got your pet.
  547. Your favorite movie and why?
  548. Your favorite book.
  549. Your favorite superhero.
  550. Memories from the Day in the past year.
  551.  A day at the amusement park.
  552.  A bad experience with someone you care about.
  553. The Day, you experienced a historical event.
  554. Your act of kindness.
  555. You’re most disappointing Day.
  556. A social issue that has impacted our society drastically.
  557. Why do women like bad boys?
  558. Gender discrimination at the workplace.
  559. How do people become racist without being unaware?
  560. Which religion will you introduce to your children?
  561. Building a sustainable home?
  562. Which disease do you want to eradicate first?
  563. Which country will you repeatedly visit and the reason behind it?
  564. Does music impact the way of our life?
  565. Different forms of addiction among students.
  566. School uniforms. – A need or just waste of money
  567. Importance of art education.
  568. Movies over books: discuss:
  569. Book over movies: Discuss
  570. Advantages of health insurance.
  571. Health Benefits of music.
  572. How to fight discrimination.
  573. How to stop bullying.
  574. A painting.
  575. Your best friend.
  576. Your dream houses.
  577. The beautiful moment of your life.
  578. First Day at work.
  579. A life-changing experience.
  580. Last Day at school.
  581. You’re lucky charm.
  582. A class reunion.
  583. My favorite Singer.
  584. Mt favorite writer
  585. The best childhood memory.
  586. My family treasures
  587. How the education system is changing.
  588. Global warming should we be worried about?
  589. How many planets are in space?
  590. Effects of global warming.
  591. Can wild animals become pets?
  592. The cost of college textbooks.
  593. How to manage stress.
  594. The influence of modern art.
  595. Dreaming is good or bad?
  596. What is climate change?
  597. True happiness.
  598. What does love mean to you?
  599. What is global warming? And how can it be stopped?
  600. What are pro-choice and pro-life?
  601. What are Socialism and capitalism?
  602. What are the characteristics of good mental health?
  603. What is e-learning?
  604. Define sportsmanship.
  605. What is the definition of science?
  606. Prevent social media bullying; how
  607. How to help a depressed person?
  608. How texting affects face-to-face relationships?
  609. How to prevent injuries in sports?
  610. Teaching children about time management?
  611. How to deal with manipulative and dominating people?
  612. How can schools and colleges be made safer?
  613. How to prevent deaths due to drunk driving?
  614. How to help your child with mental illness?
  615. How to stop violence in schools?
  616. A person you admire the most.
  617. Are you addicted to games?
  618. How did you learn to draw?
  619. What is your life’s goal?
  620. Things you hate the most?
  621. Why do I prefer online shopping?
  622. Your biggest achievement.
  623. What does Success mean to you?
  624. What annoys you the most?
  625. The most annoying thing your sibling did to you?
  626. Volunteering.
  627. In what ways can we reduce obesity?
  628. Extracurricular activities- important or not?
  629. How should students be assessed?
  630. How to manage food resources correctly.
  631. Spoiling of food.
  632. Food Crisis in Asian Countries.
  633. How can we stop desertification?
  634. How to reduce underemployment?
  635. Use technology to save the environment?
  636. Next economic crisis.
  637. The best way to discipline kids.
  638. Importance of Olympic games.
  639. Evaluate American secondary education.
  640. Evaluate the European education system.
  641. The origin of music.
  642. Your favorite music.
  643. Your favorite Singer
  644. Digital Art
  645. Cryptocurrency
  646. Modern and ancient arts: differences and similarities.
  647. Analyze the consequences of cultural mixing.
  648. How effective online advertising is.
  649. difference between European and American education systems?
  650. Best schooling system around the world.
  651. Impact of social media on social relationships.
  652. Traditional relationships vs online relationships.
  653. How to start a blog?
  654. How to set up your website?
  655. How to plan the perfect anniversary party?
  656. How to use social sites sensibly?
  657. How to come out of a toxic relationship?
  658. How to write a book?
  659. How to make money online?
  660. How to start losing weight in 30 days?
  661. How to apply for an internship?
  662. How to find a perfect job?
  663. Negotiation skill
  664. How to stop smoking?
  665. The career path you would take.
  666. Hobby as your career.
  667. The importance of learning different languages.
  668. Does Alien exist or not?
  669. What is the best way to revitalize yourself?
  670. Analyze the non-profit organization’s work guide.
  671. The benefits of playing video games.
  672. The elements of a sincere apology.
  673. Why do people get married?
  674. Marriage- for love or money?
  675. How movies influence your life.
  676. Benefits of online dating?
  677. Should marijuana be legalized all over the country?
  678. How safe is nuclear energy?
  679. Role of a woman in society?
  680. Challenges of raising a kid.
  681. Effects of early marriages?
  682. The effect of movies on society
  683. Is a long-distance relationship effective?
  684. Advantages and disadvantages of globalization.
  685. Covid and globalization 
  686. Eating disorders.
  687. Types of Facebook users.
  688. Facebook trends
  689. Influencers
  690. TikTok Influencers
  691. Different types of video games.
  692. Different types of students in college.
  693. Strategies to manage stress and depression.
  694. Motivation
  695. Motivational speaking – A scam
  696. Different types of political systems.
  697. Different types of government.
  698. The teaching method in high school.
  699. Best way to teach kids.
  700. Make children learn through play
  701. Types of exercises to lose weight easily.
  702. Home remedies for acne.
  703. Types of phobias.
  704. Your biggest phobia.
  705. Is war sometimes the only option?
  706. Can money buy happiness?
  707. Should voting be mandatory?
  708. Mail-in Voting.
  709. Voting through the internet
  710. homeschooling: Is it better?
  711. Why does racism exist?
  712. Racism: Why does it exist?
  713. How to stop racism?
  714. The ideal age for driving.
  715. Suitable age for marriage?
  716. Causes of global warming?
  717. Is arts education important?
  718. Importance of mobile phones in minimizing crimes.
  719. Importance of a kid’s participation in sports?
  720. The change of language over time.
  721. Text messages- idiotic or smartness
  722. How to explore new languages.
  723. Neuro-linguistic programming and how it works.
  724. Physical communication or verbal communication: which is effective?
  725. Explain how people can communicate.
  726. Benefits of learning a second language.
  727. You should learn more than one language.
  728. Benefits of bilingual
  729. Explain how learning languages work.
  730. Learning a new language.
  731. The ideal age to learn a language 
  732. Influence of social media on people.
  733. What are the cons of social media?
  734. Should texting and driving be illegal?
  735. The impact of social media on the life of teenagers.
  736. The relationship between parents and children in current time?
  737. Should social media like Pinterest be used in the classrooms?
  738. Bulling on the internet
  739. What rules should anyone follow when posting to social media?
  740. Technology and the global economy.
  741. The positives effects of technology.
  742. 3D printing for Medicine.
  743. What science has to offer to disabled people?
  744. Face detection software and the problem of identity theft.
  745. Adding connectivity to our home devices.
  746. All my IOT devices
  747. Security concerns of your devices.