In a persuasive essay, reason and arguments are used to persuade readers of the writer’s point of view, so strong evidence for arguments, such as research, asserting facts, etc., is essential and thus this is what is generally known as persuasive essays. One must provide detailed arguments supporting them by satisfying evidence and reasonable explanations all together summed up in a systematic manner. A persuasive essay uses explanation to imply that certain beliefs are more acceptable than others in writing respectively. Such an essay is aimed at convincing the readers to approve of a particular opinion or act in a specific way which so ever the writer is trying to put across or forward. A persuasive essay must be established on sound thinking and must include valid evidence supporting the statement or arguments which are being put forward.

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A persuasive essay is a type of writing that attempts to convince the reader or opponent that your argument or position is valid and is a point to be thought of or considered. The main aim of a persuasive essay is to convince readers to consider your point of view and understand the writer’s point of view.

Persuasive essays are similar to argumentative essays in that they both use evidence and reasoning to argue a point; however, persuasive essays differ from argumentative essays in that they are more emotional and often make use of personal experiences and anecdotes to make their point and let the readers and audiences understand the point of view through emotions and personal experiences.

A persuasive essay is a type of academic writing in which you use logical reasoning to persuade the reader into agreeing with your point of view and to even make the audience curious about the topic and way of writing.

The purpose of a persuasive essay is to persuade and convince the reader about a certain viewpoint in a specific way without hurting anyone’s sentiments and emotions. The basic condition of a persuasive essay is that it should be based on logic and shreds of evidence and no other basis apart from that.

Generally, school and college students write on easy persuasive essay topics following the general essay structure which they have been taught. Similarly, like all other essay writing assignments, persuasive writing follows an outline that gives structure and a logical format to content and thus making it convenient for the writer to write the essay as well.

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Persuasive Essay Topics – Easy to Difficult

We know that finding the right persuasive essay topic is difficult and hectic too. Sometimes students need simple topics while at other times they may need something more in-depth in nature or anything similar to it. Mentioned below are some of the best persuasive essay topics of 2022 starting from the easy ones to the difficult ones as well and some other common topics as well.

  1. Easy Persuasive Essay Topics:
  2. Exams in modern classrooms are out of sync with students’ abilities. State your views.
  3. Schools should not engage or get involved in commercial activities.
  4. In restaurants, soda should not be offered to children below the age of 10 years.
  5. Fries should not be offered in school cafeterias irrespective of any grounds.
  6. Different classes for boys and girls should be available even today in every school.
  7. If a kid does anything wrong, his or her parents should be punished too.
  8. Adults aged 21 and lower should be permitted to consume alcoholic beverages so long as they have the permission of their parents or guardians.
  9. Parents must ensure that their children get a balanced diet every day.
  10. Parents should search and keep track of their kids’ belongings for illegal drugs regularly.
  11. The Internet was created to improve our existence and for the betterment of individuals.

B-Medium Difficult Persuasive Essay Topics:

  1. Illegal immigrants should be granted amnesty immediately.
  2. The United States should end its use of the death penalty as early as possible.
  3. The U.S. should reduce its military spending and use the same for citizens benefits.
  4. The Patriot Act undermines civil liberties.
  5. The U.S. should increase its use of nuclear energy in the nearer future.
  6. Censorship is sometimes necessary but not always.
  7. Smoking in public places should be banned everywhere.
  8. The U.S. should provide free college education to all students irrespective of their backgrounds.
  9. The Electoral College system for electing the president should be abolished on an urgent basis.
  10. Prayer should be allowed in public and private schools.

C-Difficult Persuasive Essay Topics:

  1. Orientation toward people of the same sex or gender is established in early childhood or teenage.
  2. Capital punishment is a violation of the law and human rights too.
  3. Humans are the primary cause of global climate change and the destruction of nature.
  4. The practice of euthanasia should be permissible in every nation.
  5. The electroshock device must be carried by the adult always.
  6. Ansoff, Boston, and the Strategy Clock.
  7. Same-sex marriages should be prohibited by the U.S. Supreme Court as early as possible.
  8. There are several solutions and results to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.
  9. The right to self-defense should be a constitutional right under the Second Amendment made by the nation.
  10. Immigrants who break the law should not be imprisoned and forced to work to pay their expenses and fulfill their needs.

D-Persuasive Essay Topics for Kids:

  1. Schools should not have a dress code or uniform.
  2. Pet day care should be mandatory in every school.
  3. What age should children join the school or playhouse?
  4. School policies should not be strict and unbreakable.
  5. Is it important to get pocket money from parents or guardians
  6. Sweets and candy should not be allowed on school premises.
  7. Strict rules against littering in schools should be made.
  8. Growing vegetables at home must be mandatory.
  9. There should be a separate smoking area outside houses or colonies.
  10. Exercise should be a must for everyone without any discrimination.

E-Persuasive Essay Topics for Middle School:

  1. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and not in any outer appearance – Do you agree?
  2. Summer classes or camps – Do they help?
  3. Internet filters and censorship – Should they exist in school computers and laptops?
  4. Bullying – Do we have justified punishments for people who bully or why?
  5. Discuss the pros & cons of year-round school precisely.
  6. Should students take a gap every year or in six, months?
  7. Gym classes in school – Should they be made mandatory and compulsory?
  8. Global warming – Who is responsible? What are the solutions?
  9. Are violent video games causing aggressive and arrogant behaviour in teenagers?
  10. Are men smarter than women and vice versa?

F-Persuasive Essay Topics for Grade 7th:

  1. A Computer games should be taught in School every day
  2. Students do not get enough sleep and rest.
  3. Vending machines should have healthy snacks and drinks only.
  4. Audio books should be free for students of all age groups.
  5. Everyone should not be given complete access to the internet.
  6. Violent video game cause anger issues in kids and is a cause of their arrogant behaviour.
  7. Minorities should not be given any special treatment, but equal rights in all life aspects and on all grounds.
  8. No one has a healthy diet anymore, is it true if yes then why?
  9. City life is much better than rural life. Is it true?
  10. Responsibilities that come with power should not be taken lightly and should not be ignored under any grounds.

G-Persuasive Essay Topics for High School:

  1. Overcoming fears – Is it possible in today’s time?
  2. Should students be allowed to evaluate their instructors or mentor?
  3. Is using a cell phone in class during lectures ethical practice?
  4. Lottery – How to spend the money you win with it?
  5. Is moving from a rural to an urban area helpful in any aspect?
  6. Is the amount of homework college students receive fair enough?
  7. Should junk food be banned in schools?
  8. Does stress cause obesity and other health issues as well?
  9. The death penalty in the United States – what is its social value?
  10. Following a dress code should be made optional and not compulsory.

H-Persuasive Essay Topics for College:

  1. Does the high school system need to be reformed or made any changes?
  2. Local terrorism vs. international criminal activities – what’s more, important to pay attention to keeping in mind the present scenario?
  3. The idea of feminism – what effects does it have on motherhood?
  4. How important is it for a child’s personality to be raised by both of its parents equally?
  5. Divorce – Is it only because of the absence of love and affection?
  6. Do wives who earn more than their husbands dominate them or disrespect them?
  7. Research paper VS exams – Which is a better way of learning?
  8. Is working hard at a workplace the only way to feel better in today’s time?
  9. Does truth have the same definition in all parts of the world without any discrimination?
  10. Hobbies – Do they complement and enhance your skills?

I-Persuasive Essay Topics for Bachelor’s Level:

  1. Fast food chains should display the calorie count of each food item they sell.
  2. The middle class is overburdened and stressed due to the present taxation system.
  3. Former mental patients and drug addicts live in halfway houses before moving to their full-fledged lives and livelihood.
  4. There should be no billboards or hoardings on highways.
  5. When a defendant enters a non-guilty-by-reason-of-insanity plea, psychiatrists should give testimony in court as well with all relevant documents.
  6. The United States Constitution should include a National Health Insurance Program as a requirement and make it mandatory.
  7. Child abusers should be sentenced to the death penalty.
  8. Parents who are interested in adopting should be required to complete parenting courses and other formalities.
  9. Teens who are parents should be encouraged to marry in high school respectively.
  10. Should the United Nations be abolished keeping in mind the present scenario?

J-Persuasive Essay Topics for Master’s Students:

  1. How are young billionaires made? Should they even exist in today’s time?
  2. The most effective investment strategies for 2022 keeping in mind the budget bill.
  3. A vegan diet should not be the only diet followed by people in today’s time.
  4. Who made the insurance industry and why?
  5. How to improve jobs in the current economy for better lives?
  6. Are there any crazy laws that need to be changed or abolished?
  7. The death penalty should be abolished in every nation.
  8. Women’s rights in the 21st Century.
  9. Popular election reforms.
  10. Supreme Court duties.

Some other persuasive essay topics for different subjects are mentioned below. Some good topics to help you get started are as follows;

A-Persuasive Essay Topics on Animals:

  1. Who are better pets? Cats or Dogs? Why?
  2. Should people who keep exotic animals as pets be banned or discouraged?
  3. Is protecting and caring for animal habitats important and mandatory?
  4. Should punishments be laid on people who hurt animals and their homes?
  5. Are emotional support animals of any help or need?
  6. Are Micro chipping homeless dogs and home pets justified or not?
  7. Is wildlife conservation can only be done by keeping animals in Zoos and sanctuaries?
  8. Uneducated owners abuse animals.
  9. Is keeping animals in cages ethical or not?
  10. Giving hormone injections to cows should be banned in every nation.

B-Sports Persuasive Essay Topics:

  1. College students should be paid to participate in sports and motivate them to earn.
  2. Female students should be more encouraged to take part in sports always.
  3. Is cheerleading a sport? If yes then why?
  4. Does homophobia exist in the sports industry as well?
  5. Do gender and ethnic and other such discrimination exist in sports?
  6. Bodybuilding – Risks for females or not?
  7. Importance of sports in a child’s personality building and growth?
  8. Who has better stamina? A footballer or a cricketer? Why?
  9. Does drinking energy drinks affect the performance of a sportsman and is harmful for their diet?
  10. Do mind games require the same energy as rugged sports precisely?

C-Persuasive Essay Topics on Education:

  1. The education system in rural vs. urban areas are different?
  2. Should social media be banned in schools and colleges for certain age groups?
  3. Can you buy knowledge and manners?
  4. Does investing in the education sector helps to eradicate poverty and bring about change in the society?
  5. Do students learn in early morning classes or afternoon classes?
  6. Traditional schooling vs. remote education – What is better and why?
  7. Stereotyping the educational fields – Justified?
  8. Should the same education be given to immigrants of third-world countries or not and why?
  9. Power of education vs. wealth – which is undefeatable and why?
  10. Should trans genders be allowed to get an education in the same institute as others and why?

D-Funny Persuasive Essay Topics:

  1. Is my pet planning to kill me or destroy me?
  2. Funny animal videos on social media are not funny anymore.
  3. Do looks matter the most in today’s time?
  4. The only way to make this world a happy place is by legalizing marijuana precisely.
  5. The boss is not always wrong.
  6. Is happy marriage a lie?
  7. The award for worst movie of the century goes to?
  8. Why are spam emails more interesting than actual emails?
  9. How to look busy at work without working?
  10. Do boys gossip as well and better than girls?

E-Controversial Persuasive Essay Topics:

  1. Disable people should be discouraged from having babies nor should adopt.
  2. Learning a foreign language should be mandatory for high school students in every nation.
  3. Having more than two kids is unreasonable and unethical.
  4. Illegal immigrants are less likely to commit crimes than native citizen.
  5. Torture is important to interrogate the criminal.
  6. Is the cost of health care in the United States justified?
  7. Using biological weapons in war is essential and mandatory.
  8. Should same-sex marriages be banned from everywhere?
  9. Is sex education necessary in schools? Why?
  10. Gay couples should be allowed to adopt children from orphanage.

F-Unusual Persuasive Essay Topics:

  1. Technology can fix all existing problems of today’s time.
  2. Humans are not intrinsically good it is just their actions and reactions.
  3. Space exploration is not worth the cost or energy.
  4. Working days should be reduced to four days a week or hybrid mode.
  5. Limited technology should be available to students at school for their better future.
  6. Exotic pets should be put in zoos to preserve them and protect them.
  7. Euthanasia should not be legal under any condition or circumstances.
  8. A president term should not be limited for years.
  9. Social media should be completely shut down for better environment.
  10. Embalming is unethical and hurtful for the deceased’s family precisely.